We are facing global upheaval with the Ukraine invasion, Russian sanctions, energy crisis, global inflation and the cheap yen. In this short morning seminar Mayer Brown experts will discuss the investment challenges and key legal points of advice in their work overseas in the US, Europe and Asia.

Imperial Hotel Main Building 2nd Floor "Ran Room" | 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. JST
Presentation 40 mins
Discussion and Q&A 20 mins 
Due to COVID-19 measures, registration is limited

For additional information, please contact Yumi Matsui at tokyoevents@mayerbrown.com or +81 3 4563 1411.



帝国ホテル 東京>本館2階「蘭の間」

プレゼンテーション 午前9時~9時40分

Q&A・意見交換 午前9時40分~10時



ご質問等につきましては、tokyoevents@mayerbrown.comまたは+81 3 4563 1411(担当:松井)までご連絡ください。