Mayer Brown Partner Eric Edwardson will speak at the Mortgage Servicing Rights Virtual Forum being held October 29, 2020.  This conference will explore the new market paradigms that have developed as the market gets used to working with the coronavirus. 

Eric will participate in the panel on “Where Is Liquidity? Flow Agreements, Co-Issue, Bulk Sale Activity & Transaction Management”. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • How much activity is out there? Are there any private deals we aren’t seeing? Who’s buying & selling?
  • Where is best execution today?
  • What products are trading? What are their range of multiples?
  • GSE & Ginnie Co-bids
  • Where are the fire sale prices?
  • Bulk and mini-bulk market update
  • Are lower prices bringing in new players?
  • Current sales: Is there value being left behind?
  • Due diligence, best execution, purchase & sales agreements, post-acquisition integration & trailing docs

Mayer Brown is a Bronze Sponsor.

For more information, please visit the conference website.