With dramatic declines in COVID-19 infections, Japan is removing domestic business restrictions.  Despite calls by influential business circles to reopen Japan to foreign business travelers, the country remains largely closed to all foreigners and entry for even business purposes remains in principle suspended.  For example, over 370,000 foreign nationals with Japanese government-issued precertification for entry into Japan (as of October 1, 2021) remain unable to enter the country.  Visa issuance is also extremely limited.  As most developed countries have reopened their borders and with a new prime minister now in place, it remains to be seen how the Japanese government will respond to pressures to resuscitate international business stymied by COVID-19.  Currently, 10 day quarantine measures upon entry into the country are in effect for all Japanese nationals and other entrants regardless of vaccination status.

Please see the recent article published by Nikkei Asia for more information.


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