From June 4, 2021, the Japanese government is to implement stricter quarantine measures for travelers from New York, California, Nevada and 12 other states, as well as certain other countries, due to COVID variant infection rates.  Under the stricter quarantine measures, travelers from the applicable states and countries (regardless of nationality) will be required to stay in a government-designated facility (i.e., hotel room quarantine) for three days and, pending a negative COVID test result, are permitted to spend the remaining 11 days in self-quarantine at a place of their choice.  Such measures will also be in place for travelers from Thailand and Germany effective June 4 and have already been in place for travelers from the Netherlands, France, Denmark and other countries.

Certain countries are or will be subject to even stricter quarantine measures, including (1) starting June 4, a six day quarantine at a government-designated facility (with PCR testing on the third and sixth day of quarantine) for travelers from Vietnam and Malaysia and, starting June 7, the same quarantine measures will apply to travelers from the United Kingdom and (2) a 10 day quarantine at a government-designated facility (with PCR testing on the third, sixth and tenth day of quarantine) for travelers from India, Pakistan and a few other countries.

The government-designated quarantine applies to both foreigners (regardless of residency status) and Japanese nationals.  The government-designated quarantine begins to run on the day after arrival in Japan.  The entry restrictions on foreigners and freeze on the issuance of most visas will continue indefinitely.


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