September 22, 2021

2022 Proxy and Annual Report Season: The Time to Get Started Is Now


Once again, it is time to prepare for the proxy and annual report season. There are many issues to take into consideration when crafting required regulatory disclosures in a manner that conveys effective messaging to the company’s investors. Advance planning, careful drafting and multi-faceted review greatly contribute to a successful proxy and annual report season, culminating in a productive annual shareholders’ meeting.

This Legal Update provides an overview of key issues that companies should consider as they get ready for the upcoming 2022 US proxy and annual report season, including:

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Compensation Issues
  • Shareholder Proposals
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Matters
  • Human Capital Management
  • Board Diversity
  • Proxy Voting Advice
  • Related Person Transaction Approvals
  • Dodd-Frank Rulemaking
  • Risk Factors
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis
  • Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act Disclosure
  • ITRA Compliance
  • Electronic Signatures on SEC Filings
  • Director and Officer Questionnaires

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