January 05, 2021

The Biden Administration - Immigration Priorities Heat Map


On the cusp of the January 20, 2021 US presidential inauguration, the Trump administration has a few remaining days to take action on immigration priorities that have been key to the president’s platform. By presidential proclamation, the current administration extended a travel ban just a few short hours before the ban’s original expiration on December 31, 2020. The Biden administration has identified its own immigration agenda, much of which focuses on rescinding or unwinding the Trump administration’s executive actions.

With the priorities of the outgoing and incoming administrations at odds, Mayer Brown’s Global Mobility & Migration practice have created an Immigration Priorities Heat Map for the Biden Administration. The color-coded heat map serves as a reference for US employers and others for the immigration priorities of the outgoing administration in its twilight days and, more substantially, the incoming administration in its first 100 days, 300 days, and 500 days:

Mayer Brown will be providing full coverage of the Biden Administration’s Immigration Priorities as part of our 10Hundred Series. Later this week, Andrew Olmem, a partner in our Public Policy, Regulatory & Political Law practice, and Elizabeth Espín Stern, who leads our global mobility practice, will broadcast a video commentary of the new president’s likely actions in response to the executive action undertaken during this late period of the outgoing administration. In late January, Mayer Brown will be hosting a 10Hundred Webinar, entitled: “First 100 Days, How Will the Biden Administration Redirect US Immigration.” During this time, we will be keeping our clients apprised via our blog, The Mobile Workforce.

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