June 12, 2020

Notice No. 53/2020 - Rio de Janeiro State Court Extends Registration Deadline for Legal Entities at SISTCADPJ


The Rio de Janeiro State Court (“TJRJ”) issued Notice No. 53/2020, published in the Official Gazette on June 8, 2020, extending the deadline for the registration of legal entities in its internal system named as of SISTCADPJ until July 1, 2020. In addition, the notice highlighted that, after this period, Notice No. 43/2020 will be effective, with no possibility of further extensions.

Note that the Notice No. 43/2020 determines that legal entities must be registered at SISTCADPJ in order to receive summons and notifications from the TJRJ, as well as to file new lawsuits or any other documents, appeals or petitions in the ongoing lawsuits.

Thus, with exception of micro and small businesses, legal entities must perform the referred registration. Upon registration, the legal entity, using its digital certificate, must present its bylaws or articles of association.

Legal entities may proceed with the registration through this link provided by the TJRJ, which also offered a user manual.

This registration is highly important, and once it is done, the legal entity must create a daily routine to access the system in order to monitor any summon or notification. This is important in order to avoid any losses due to silent acknowledgment of summons or notifications, especially if the legal entity has any active lawsuits at TJRJ.

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