May 25, 2020

Equal Opportunities Commission Setting Up Dedicated Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit


Hong Kong's Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has announced the establishment of an Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit (ASHU). The EOC proposes that the ASHU will comprise four members and its main objective will be to help victims of sexual harassment to explore options available and support them to make an informed decision about the next step they would like to take. It will provide victims with a safe and confidential platform to seek free advice from. 

The ASHU will specifically:- 

  • Conduct a review of the current legal regime to identify areas where the protection can be improved and recommend legislative amendments where appropriate,
  • Promote public awareness of anti-sexual harassment policies and measures, and
  • Serve as a first port of call for those affected by sexual harassment, providing information on the law and advice on where to lodge complaints and obtain a referral to counselling services.

The EOC will continue with its drafting of guidance notes, including those relating to harassment on the ground of breastfeeding under the Sex Discrimination (Amendment) Bill 2020.

The two full papers of the meetings of the Legislative Council Panel on Constitutional Affairs can be found here:

Work Progress and Key Focuses of the Equal Opportunities Commission 2020 

Work Progress and Key Focuses of the Equal Opportunities Commission 2019

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