April 06, 2020

Pricing Compliance in the United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Media reports have highlighted coronavirus-related price gouging on items ranging from necessary medical supplies (such as respirators) to basic household essentials (such as toilet paper), which has led to rapid shifts in pricing compliance enforcement and regulations. Because anti-price gouging regulations vary from state to state, and because the statutory landscape is changing almost daily, it can be challenging for consumer-facing businesses to ensure that they are in statutory compliance in all jurisdictions in which they operate. To assist, we have created a quick reference guide providing a state-by-state overview of (1) the relevant price gouging statute or other regulation, (2) the event that triggers anti-price gouging measures, (3) the measure of price gouging in the state and (4) the penalties an individual or entity might face for violating the state’s anti-price gouging measures. 

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