April 02, 2020

Emergency Program for the Preservation of Jobs and Income


The Provisional Measure No. 936 (“MP 936”), published on April 1st, 2020, institutes the Emergency Program for the Jobs and Income Preservation (“Emergency Program"), implemented as a measure to fight the social and economic effects of Covid-19.

The Emergency Program has as its main goals: (i) the preservation of jobs and income; (ii) enabling the performance of economic and business activities; and (iii) the mitigation of the social impact brought by the state of public calamity and public health emergency caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

In that sense, the Provisional Measure No. 936 provides for the possibility of reducing the employees' workload while preserving their income, as well as the suspension of employment contracts with the payment of an emergency benefit, as well as other general provisions. Our brief about the labor-related aspects of the Provisional Measure No. 936 may be found below.

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