October 2022

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity: Spotlight on the board and C-Suite for Global Data Innovation



We are delighted to have shared our fifth Mayer Brown forum webinar with our friends in the legal community. In this session we showcased the experience of our fantastic panel of experts on the topic of Data Privacy & Cybersecurity – with a focus on the role of the board and C-suite in demonstrating leadership and promoting innovation and consumer trust. 

For those interested in specific elements, the topics begin at the following times:

  • Learn how regulators are focusing on the C-Suite and boardroom leaders in terms of their oversight of privacy and data security. 33.24-45.26
  • Understand how boards are receiving business and financial contextualized metrics. 46:20-51:18
  • Understand how proxy companies like ISS are scoring  privacy/cyber maturity under the governance prong of ESG. 06:30-11:36
  • Appreciate how to prepare the C-Suite and boardroom for communications before governmental bodies, like the CEO of Colonial Pipeline’s congressional testimony. 12:10-28:01

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