February 22, 2024

Cyber Security & Directors' Duties: Insights & Networking


On 22 February 2024, our Hong Kong Cybersecurity Partner TL Lim and Associate Ken Lam co-delivered a seminar with Lockton (insurance brokers) on the topic "Cyber Security & Directors' Duties: Insights & Networking" to members of Hong Kong Institute of Directors. The event attracted over 60 attendees many of whom were directors and senior manager from various industries.

Ken commenced the session by providing update on recent trends with an overview of potential cybersecurity risks and identified threats faced by organizations in the digital age, as well as a hypothetical case study. TL then discussed directors’ oversight duties in managing cyber security issues in Hong Kong and the potential risk exposures. Lockton then presented on how companies can go about by protecting themselves by having in place cyber security insurance.

The feedback received from the attendees was excellent with TL and Ken scoring very high. There was also very active participation as there were many questions directed to TL and Ken. The attendees were most impressed with the excellent coverage of the cyber threats and how to deal with them, from both an operational and Board perspective as well as the practical and high relevance of information to their day-to-day operation given the rising cyber incidents.

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