June 08, 2021

Twenty-Second Annual Institute on Privacy and Cybersecurity Law


Practising Law Institute


Information privacy, cybersecurity and data protection are among the most important issues for global organizations today.  The Internet and evolving information technologies have prompted the development of powerful tools for the collection, use, storage, and disposal of personal information. More than ever, businesses are driven by data and digital assets.  These trends create a wide range of compliance risk and liability issues associated with the processing of personal information.  They also raise the stakes for protecting this data in increasingly challenging risk environments, ranging from internal vulnerabilities to criminal cyberattacks and other threats.  Legislators, regulators, and courts are rapidly developing new laws and compliance obligations to address the privacy and security implications of our expanding information economy and its continuously evolving risks. This annual conference focuses on these developments with the goal of keeping attorneys and other privacy and cybersecurity professionals informed and up to date in this complex and dynamic area.

What You Will Learn

  • Latest US privacy frameworks, including the California Consumer Privacy Act and the new California Privacy Rights Act
  • Enforcement priorities of the FTC and state attorneys general
  • Management of privacy and cybersecurity risk in corporate transactions
  • Latest developments in workplace privacy and employee monitoring
  • Ethical and cyber-risk management issues in using information and technology
  • Proactive measures to mitigate cyber risk and reactive response techniques
  • Privacy considerations for the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies
  • The latest privacy and data security-related litigation
  • Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Latest developments outside the US and EU, including Brazil
  • CPOs and CISOs share their secrets

During the Practising Law Institute’s 2:15pm CDT presentation on June 9th, Privacy and Data Security: Governance and Transactions, Mayer Brown partner Lei Shen and Gerard Stegmaier will discuss:

  • Privacy and security governance considerations
  • Board oversight issues
  • SEC considerations concerning privacy and data security risks
  • Managing privacy and security risks in transactions
  • M&A post-closing privacy and security considerations

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