April 16, 2020

Japan Expands the State of Emergency to All Prefectures


With infections rising in various parts of the country and the annual extended holiday break coming up, the Japanese government announced that it will be expanding the declaration of emergency, which was first in effect on April 8 for seven prefectures (including Tokyo and its surrounding prefectures), to now all of Japan. The declaration of emergency will be effective until May 6 for all prefectures but may be extended at the discretion of the Japanese government depending on how the infection spreads.

A nationwide state of emergency will provide each prefectural governor with legal grounds to request that people in their respective prefectures refrain from going outside for nonessential purposes, as well as to request or demand restrictions on entry into various establishments such as shopping malls, schools, fitness clubs and theatres. Places that provide essential supplies such as food and medicine will remain open (e.g., supermarkets and drug stores), as will the various means of public transportation. Although there are no penalties for failing to abide by the restrictions implemented by a prefectural governor, residents and businesses will face societal obligations to comply. Each prefectural governor will have the discretion to determine which establishments will be subject to any restrictions.

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