Associates and partners from the London Insurance team delivered a variety of training sessions on insurance issues:

  • Contract Law Update - Professor Ewan McKendrick
  • Practical application of SAAMCO in claims against professionals (....and not just surveyors) - Will Glassey and Tom Ataii
  • Tax related claims in the brave new world. Tsunami, storm or a bit of rough weather? - Jim Oulton
  • Third Parties Rights Against Insurers Act 1930 (refresher) and 2010 Act (developments) - Ingrid Hobbs and Ruth Lane
  • Navigating the Minefield – A Guide to Financial and Trade Sanctions - Lindsay McQuillian and Graham Rowland
  • Top Tips for recognising a Circumstance, identifying "related" Claims and working out just how many claims there are - Jane Childs and Tim Shepherd
  • Issues of interest in financial lines insurance (2014) - Mandip Sagoo and Andrew McGahey