“Life at work only worth it if intense”
Jean-Philippe Lambert
Mayer Brown

  • Serves on the Management Committee
  • Co-founder of HEAD
  • Learning Chinese
  • His motto : Loving one’s neighbor

Jean-Philippe Lambert has nothing to regret. “It is because the stars are aligned” but also thanks to his talent and his power of conviction that the young 32-year-old lawyer managed to create his own law firm, Lambert & Lee, the French correspondent of Mayer Brown in 1997. Since then, he has been the conductor of one of the most active offices of the law firm and serves on the Management Committee. He showcases talented persons, especially those who are part of the office’s forty something group. As a strong supporter of values rather than rules, this 54-year-old believes in accomplishment through creativity, in development through freedom. His character of leadership also entails transmission. This is illustrated by the fact that he is the co-founder of the law school HEAD together with his colleague and accomplice Emmanuel Brochier. Education is one his passions, for “intellectual and emotional fulfillment it brings”. This lover of France's history keeps a low profile on a few hidden treasures and on his engagement with former legionnaires. Very loquacious about his law office as well as the people he is passionate about, he knows that beneath any apparent disorder lies an emotional intelligence on which one must bet.