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Chambers USA ranks 126 Mayer Brown lawyers; practices ranked in 50 nationwide and state categories

16 June 2010

14 June 2010 – Mayer Brown LLP, a leading global law firm, announced today that 126 of its attorneys are ranked in the 2010 edition of Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, including 40 who achieved a top-band ranking or higher in 27 nationwide and/or state categories.

The new Chambers edition also ranks Mayer Brown practices in 50 categories, including 24 nationwide category rankings, 6 of which are top-band:  Appellate Law; Capital Markets: Securitization; Outsourcing; Projects: PPP; Tax: Controversy; and Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial). The firm also was ranked in 26 state categories in Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, DC.  Top-band state rankings in Illinois are in: Antitrust, Banking & Finance, Communications, Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation; Litigation: General Commercial; Real Estate; Tax; and Technology & Outsourcing. Top-band rankings in Technology & Outsourcing also were awarded in New York and Washington, D.C.

Chambers comments on Mayer Brown’s nationwide top-tier rankings
Mayer Brown’s “stellar appellate practice is an outstanding choice for complex, high-stakes cases,” Chambers says. “The firm has a deep bench of talented advocates with experience litigating in federal and state appellate courts across the country, and extensive Supreme Court capabilities.” Chambers’ sources say the practice has “incredibly smart, creative lawyers who are constantly involved in important work, and are cost-conscious at all times.”

Chambers says Mayer Brown’s Securitization practice “is noted in the market for its depth and breadth of knowledge across assets. It has been heavily involved in developing new structures (and)… has continued to be busy with complex debt restructurings.” Sources quoted by Chambers say “the lawyers are committed to their work and are brilliant at coming up with customized solutions.”
Of Mayer Brown’s Outsourcing practice, Chambers says the firm “boasts a deep, high-quality bench, which impresses clients and peers alike. It handles significant work both nationally and internationally.” Chambers’ sources say the firm “has cornered the market, thanks to its lawyers with great perspective – they come in and look at the nuts and bolts of the problem and have practical ideas.”

Chambers says Mayer Brown’s PPP projects practice “came to prominence for its work representing the public sector but has expanded to encompass work on behalf of lenders and bidders …the firm has an influential international projects practice.” Sources quoted by Chambers say “The lawyers at Mayer Brown can be tactful or tough; they always know what’s needed to get the right result.”
Mayer Brown “is a formidable presence in the global tax world (and) wins acclaim for its superior handling of controversy issues,” Chambers says. “The 55-strong team often advises on high-end transfer pricing and substantial tax litigation.”  Chambers’ sources describe Mayer Brown as “a full-service firm with an excellent reputation in tax litigation – the lawyers are very strong, thoughtful and client-oriented.”

In the Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial) category, Chambers says Mayer Brown “has regulatory expertise, particularly in NHTSA matters. It is an excellent choice for the defense of investigations into potential defects and has a flourishing auto safety preemption practice.” Chambers sources say, “You would be hard pushed to find a better firm for automotive safety and compliance investigations.”

Following is a complete list of this year’s Chambers USA rankings for Mayer Brown. 

Practice Category Rankings:

Antitrust (Band 3)
Appellate Law (Band 1)
Banking & Finance (Band 2)
Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (Band 3)
Capital Markets: REITs (Band 4)
Capital Markets: Securitization (Band 1)
Capital Markets: Structured Products (Band 4)
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (Band 4)
Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance) (Band 3)
Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Enforcement & Investigations) (Band 4)
Franchising: Mainly Franchisee (Band 2)
Government: Government Contracts (Band 3)
International Arbitration (Band 5)
International Trade (Band 4)
Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation (Band 4)
Outsourcing (Band 1)
Privacy & Data Security (Band 3)
Products Liability & Mass Torts (Band 4)
Projects: PPP (Band 1)
Tax: Controversy (Band 1)
Tax: Corporate & Finance (Band 3)
Transportation: Rail (for Railroads) (Band 2)
Transportation: Road (Carriages/Commercial) (Band 1)
Wealth Management (Band 4)

District of Columbia (office in Washington)

Antitrust (Band 4)
Litigation (Band 3)
Real Estate (Band 2)
Technology & Outsourcing (Band 1)

Illinois (office in Chicago)
Antitrust (Band 1)
Banking & Finance (Band 1)
Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Band 4)
Communications (Band 1)
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity (Band 2)
Environment (Band 2)
Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory (Band 2)
Intellectual Property (Band 3)
Labor & Employment (Band 4)
Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation (Band 1)
Litigation: General Commercial (Band 1)
Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (Band 2)
Real Estate (Band 1)
Tax (Band 1)
Technology & Outsourcing (Band 1)

New York (office in Manhattan)
Latin American Investment (Band 2)
Litigation: General Commercial: Highly Regarded (Band 3)
Technology & Outsourcing (Band 1)

North Carolina (office in Charlotte)
Banking & Finance (Band 3)

Texas (office in Houston)
Banking & Finance (Band 2)
Corporate/M&A (Band 4)
Real Estate (Band 3)

Mayer Brown 2010 Chambers USA “Leaders in Their Field”

Lee N. Abrams (Illinois) (Senior Statesman)
Robert E. Bloch (District of Columbia) (Band 4)
Richard J. Favretto (District of Columbia) (Band 4)
Andrew S. Marovitz (Illinois) (Band 1)
T. Mark McLaughlin (Illinois) (Band 2)
Mark W. Ryan (District of Columbia) (Band 5)
Richard M. Steuer (New York) (Band 3)

Appellate Law
Andrew L. Frey (Nationwide) (Band 1)
Kenneth S. Geller (Nationwide) (Band 2)
Andrew J. Pincus (Nationwide) (Band 2)
Charles A. Rothfeld (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Stephen M. Shapiro (Nationwide) (Band 1)
Evan M. Tager (Nationwide) (Band 2)

Banking & Finance
Robert C. Baptista (Illinois) (Star Individual)
Zachary K. Barnett (Illinois) (Associate to Watch)
Douglas A. Doetsch (Illinois) (Band 2)
J. Paul Forrester (Illinois) (Band 3)
John F. Lawlor (Illinois) (Band 3)
Michael E. Niebruegge (Texas) (Band 1)
Keith F. Oberkfell (North Carolina) (Band 3)
James P. Patti (Illinois) (Band 3)
Tristan E. Propst (Texas) (4)
Ami G. Scott (Illinois) (Band 3)

Thomas S. Kiriakos (Illinois) (Band 2)
Brian Trust (New York) (Band 4)

Capital Markets: Derivatives
Joshua Cohn (Nationwide) (Band 1)

Capital Markets: Debt & Equity
Edward S. Best (Nationwide) (Band 3)
Philip J. Niehoff (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Paul W. Theiss (Nationwide) (Band 4)

Capital Markets: REITs
Michael T. Blair (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Mary C. Fontaine (Nationwide) (Band 3)
Carol A. Hitselberger (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Robert F. Hugi (Nationwide) (Senior Statesman)
Paul A. Jorissen (Nationwide) (Band 2)
Jason H. P. Kravitt (Nationwide) (Senior Statesman)
Stuart M. Litwin (Nationwide) (Band 2)
Keith F. Oberkfell (Nationwide) (Band 3)
George A. Pecoulas (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Jon D. Van Gorp (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Christian F. Binnig (Illinois) (Band 2)
J. Tyson Covey (Illinois) (Band 2)
Dennis G. Friedman (Illinois) (Band 2)
Hans J. Germann (Illinois) (Band 3)
Theodore A. Livingston (Illinois) (Band 1)
Demetrios G. Metropoulos (Illinois) (Band 3)
John E. Muench (Illinois) (Band 3)

Scott J. Davis (Illinois) (Band 2)
Robert F. Gray, Jr. (Texas) (Band 3)
Robert A. Helman (Illinois) (Senior Statesman)
William R. Kucera (Illinois) (Band 4)
Dallas Parker (Texax) (Band 4)
Richard W. Shepro (Illinois) (Band 3)
Marc F. Sperber (Illinois) (Band 4)
Paul W. Theiss (Illinois) (Band 3)
Frederick B. Thomas (Illinois) (Band 2)

Corporate/M&A: Private Equity
John W. Noell (Illinois) (Band 3)

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Herbert W. Krueger (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
David I. Bloom (Nationwide) (Band 4)

Energy & Natural Resources: Transactional
J. Paul Forrester (Illinois) (Band 1)

Environment: Litigation
John C. Berghoff (Illinois) (Band 2)
Timothy S. Bishop (Illinois) (Band 1)
Thomas V. Skinner (Illinois) (Band 3)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance)
Scott A. Anenberg (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Charles M. Horn (Nationwide) (Band 2)
David R. Sahr (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Enforcement & Investigations)
Marc R. Cohen (Nationwide) (Band 3)
Thomas J. Delaney (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Franchising: Mainly Franchisee
Lee N. Abrams (Nationwide) (Band 2)

Government: Government Contracts
David F. Dowd (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Marcia G. Madsen (Nationwide) (Band 1)

Insurance: Dispute Resolution
Clifford H. Schoenberg (New York) (Band 1)

Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory
David W. Alberts (New York) (Band 3)
Lawrence R. Hamilton (Illinois) (Band 3)
Kenneth R. Pierce (New York) (Band 3)
Richard W. Shepro (Illinois) (Band 3)


Intellectual Property
Sharon A. Israel (Texas) (Band 2)
Joseph A. Mahoney (Illinois) (Band 4)

International Arbitration
William H. Knull (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Jeffrey W. Sarles (Nationwide) (Band 4)

International Arbitration: Arbitrators
Philip Allen Lacovara (Nationwide) (Band 1)

International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions
Simeon M. Kriesberg (Nationwide) (Band 2)

International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy
Michael Kantor (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation
John W. Noell (Nationwide) (Band 4)

Investment Funds: Registered Funds
Stephanie M. Monaco (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Labor & Employment
Marcia E. Goodman (Illinois) (Band 3)
Kim A. Leffert (Illinois) (Band 4)

Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation
Debra B. Hoffman (Illinois) (Band 3)
Herbert W. Krueger (Illinois) (Band 1)
Wayne R. Luepker (Illinois) (Band 2)

Latin American Investment
David K. Duffee (New York) (Band 3)

Litigation: E-Discovery
Michael E. Lackey, Jr. (Nationwide) (Band 2)

Litigation: Energy & Natural Resources
William H. Knull (Texas) (Band 3)

Litigation: General Commercial
Vincent J. Connelly (Illinois) (Band 1)
Thomas M. Durkin (Illinois) (Band 3)
James R. Ferguson (Illinois) (Band 4)
Edward D. Johnson (California) (Band 5)
Michele L. Odorizzi (Illinois) (Band 3)
Steven M. Shapiro (Illinois) (Band 3)
Steven Wolowitz (New York) (Band 3)
Herbert L. Zarov (Illinois) (Band 3)

Litigation: Trial Lawyers
Vincent J. Connelly (Nationwide) (Band 2)

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Vincent J. Connelly (Illinois) (Band 1)
David S. Krakoff (District of Columbia) (Band 2)

Sonia Baldia (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Rebecca S. Eisner (Nationwide) (Band 1)
David M. Hudanish (Nationwide) (Band 2)
Daniel A. Masur (Nationwide) (Band 1)
Van A. Miller (Nationwide) (Up and Coming)
Brad L. Peterson (Nationwide) (Band 1)
Kevin A. Rang (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Paul J. N. Roy (Nationwide) (Band 1)


Privacy & Data Security
Jeffrey P. Taft (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Products Liability & Mass Torts
Herbert L. Zarov (Nationwide) (Band 4)

Barry N. Machlin (Nationwide) (Band 1)
John R. Schmidt (Nationwide) (Band 3)

Projects: PPP
John R. Schmidt (Nationwide) (Band 1)

Real Estate
John J. Gearen (Illinois) (Band 1)
Frank H. Henneburg (District of Columbia) (Band 2)
Alvin Katz (Illinois) (Band 1)
M. Marvin Katz (Texas) (Senior Statesman)
Paul E. Meyer (Illinois) (Band 4)
Jeffrey A. Usow (Illinois) (Band 3)
Neil A. Wasserstrom (Texas) (Band 3)
Keith J. Willner (District of Columbia) (Band 2)

Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Ivan P. Kane (Illinois) (Band 1)

David F. Abbott (New York) (Band 4)
James R. Barry (Illinois) (Band 3)
George W. Craven (Illinois) (Band 2)
Kenneth Klein (District of Columbia) (Band 4)
Timothy C. Sherck (Illinois) (Band 3)
Joel V. Williamson (Illinois) (Band 1)

Tax: Controversy
David F. Abbott (Nationwide) (Band 3)
Thomas C. Durham (Nationwide) (Band 2)
Thomas L. Kittle-Kamp (Nationwide) (Band 3)
Larry R. Langdon (Nationwide) (Band 4)
Scott M. Stewart (Nationwide) (Band 3)
Joel V. Williamson (Nationwide) (Band 1)

Technology: Corporate & Commercial
Robert F. Gray, Jr. (Texas) (Band 1)
Dallas Parker (Texas) (Band 2)

Technology & Outsourcing
Sonia Baldia (District of Columbia) (Band 3)
Rebecca S. Eisner (Illinois) (Band 1)
David M. Hudanish (New York) (Band 1)
Daniel A. Masur (District of Columbia) (Band 1)
Van A. Miller (District of Columbia) (Up and Coming)
Brad L. Peterson (Illinois) (Band 1)
Kevin A. Rang (Illinois) (Band 3)
Linda L. Rhodes (District of Columbia) (Up and Coming)
Paul J. N. Roy (Illinois) (Band 1)

Transportation: Rail (for Railroads)
Robert M. Jenkins III (Nationwide) (Band 1)

Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial)
Erika Z. Jones (Nationwide) (Band 1)

Wealth Management: Central Region
Howard M. McCue III (Nationwide) (Band 1)
Donna E. Morgan (Nationwide) (Band 3)

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