Bob Bloch is participating in a demonstration entitled “A Company Develops a Strategy to Defend Against Charges” at the ABA Section of Antitrust Law & the International Bar Association 11th International Cartel Workshop in Tokyo, Japan on February 5, 2016.

Recognized globally as the premier international cartel conference, the 2016 Workshop will continue the tradition of instruction by demonstration. The faculty of more than 75 highly-experienced attorneys and enforcers will take you inside a hypothetical international cartel matter, where you will witness over 25 different real world scenarios, ranging from discovery of the conduct to multi-jurisdictional enforcement strategies to dispositions by enforcers to handling of private actions. The Workshop will also highlight the many new developments in the law and leniency practices across jurisdictions and will feature two Enforcers' Roundtables where agency heads will address current issues.

For additional information please visit the event website.

The Yates Memorandum's Impact on US Cartel Enforcement: Evolution or Revolution?