Mayer Brown has published “Initial Public Offerings – An Issuer’s Guide (US edition),” which provides an overview of key issues with which directors, members of senior management, general counsels and other key decision makers involved with a potential US domestic initial public offering (IPO) candidate should be familiar. The guide focuses on the public offering process in the United States and listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq), as well as life as a public company.

“An IPO represents one of the most important milestones in the corporate evolution of a company,” said Philip Niehoff, Corporate & Securities partner at Mayer Brown and co-author of the guide. “However, membership in the new public world often requires significant changes to be made to the way a company operates and conducts itself. Our new guide provides company leadership with a handy overview of legal and compliance obligations and challenges they can expect.”

US issuers can access “Initial Public Offerings – An Issuer’s Guide (US edition)” on Mayer Brown’s website. European issuers should consult our guide Initial Public Offerings—an Issuer’s Guide (European Edition), and Asian issuers should consult our guide Initial Public Offerings—an Issuer’s Guide (Asia Edition) for additional information that foreign private issuers organized under the laws of those jurisdictions should consider when contemplating an IPO in the United States.