On 9 December 2023, European Parliament negotiators and the Council presidency agreed on the final version of what is claimed to be the world's first-ever comprehensive legal framework on Artificial Intelligence; the European Union Artificial Intelligence Act (the "EU AI Act").

The flagship legislation prohibits AI systems which pose an "unacceptable risk" from being deployed in the European Union and in other cases imposes different levels of obligations on AI systems that are categorised as "high risk" or "limited risk". An agreement has also been reached to regulate the deployment of foundation models, including on the adoption of measures to ensure compliance with European copyright law, requirements to publish detailed summaries about the content used to train these systems and the preparation of technical documentation related to the use of the models.

The EU AI Act was first proposed by the European Commission in April 2021.  The European Parliament approved its version of the draft Act in June 2023 and this final agreement on the form that the EU AI Act will take follows on from the end of the negotiations between those institutions and the European Council, which represents the interests of the EU member states.