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We have been supporting our clients in Mainland China since the 1990s, offering them a full spectrum of legal services across a wide range of industries. With solid knowledge of international practice and in-depth understanding of legislative framework governing outbound and foreign investment, we leverage the full capabilities of our firm to connect our legal practitioners with our clients across our worldwide offices.

Lawyers in our China offices have worked on numerous transactions to help our clients expand their international business in overseas markets. Combining the experience of assisting multinational companies seeking access to the world’s largest economies, we have established solid relationship with a number of provincial and municipal governments, various government departments and regulatory bodies.

Our lawyers possess high-level language capabilities. In addition to English, majority of our legal practitioners are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and/or Shanghainese.

Please see our standard terms of business "International Terms of Business (June 2023)".



We (Mayer Brown | 孖士打律师行) have been made aware of some fictitious websites (including and and social media platforms including Facebook (“Suspicious Pages”) using the English name (or part thereof) and trademark of our Firm purporting to provide free consultation and legal services in relation to fraudulent acts. The addresses of our Hong Kong and Singapore offices have been mentioned on the Suspicious Pages. Fictitious business cards with our Firm’s English name and “美亚博律师事务所”, bearing our Hong Kong office address, have also been given to individuals who are apparently victims of fraud. Further, it has been reported to us that individuals are purporting to be various lawyers of our Firm communicating with victims via WhatsApp, with a picture of our lawyers, our Firm’s name (孖士打and/or Mayer Brown) and our office address on the WhatsApp profile, claiming to provide services in relation to internet fraud cases.

We would like to clarify that our Firm’s official website is and our official Facebook page has our name Mayer Brown in full with our official logo that can be accessed via We have no connection whatsoever with the Suspicious Pages nor the fictitious business cards or persons purporting to relate to lawyers of our Firm. If in doubt, please refer to contact details provided by our official website should you wish to speak to one of our lawyers.

We are extremely concerned with the impersonation and possible scam being perpetrated via the Suspicious Pages and individuals purporting to be lawyers of our Firm. We have reported the matter to the police and other appropriate bodies, and are taking appropriate actions in connection with this matter.

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