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Dr. Anna Gergely

Public Policy, Regulatory & Government Affairs, Supply Chain & Distribution, Global Energy


European Patent Attorney with a degree in biochemistry and food chemistry and a PhD in analytical chemistry and quantum chemistry. Dr. Anna Gergely has over 25 years of legal experience advising companies and trade associations on the regulatory requirements for placing products lawfully on the EU market. She brings to clients an in-depth knowledge based on her scientific understanding and her cutting-edge regulatory knowledge in all areas of her practice, with a special focus on the regulation of chemical substances (including their nanoforms) as raw materials and in different finished products, including biocides, cosmetics, toys, medical devices and other regulated products in virgin and in recycled forms.

Anna is proficient in food safety and food contact materials in the EU and globally. She offers creative solutions to clients seeking compliance strategies that cover the full range of their technical and legal needs. She is a regular speaker at different global conferences where her presentations often challenge the common understanding of difficult regulatory concepts, mostly in borderline applications. She is also the author of several book chapters dealing with the REACH regulation of chemicals and nanomaterials, specifically.  

Anna previously held a research position at the Monsanto Chemical Company in Belgium. 


  • Hungarian Patent Office, Masters in Intellectual Property Law
  • Technical University of Budapest, MSc in Biochemistry and Food Chemistry | PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry

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  • European Patent Attorney
  • Hungarian Patent Attorney


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