Mayer Brown, a leading global law firm, announced today that the 2012 edition of Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business ranked 124 of its lawyers, with 149 total rankings, in 51 nationwide and/or state practice categories. Of these, 38 rankings are top-band or higher rankings in 25 nationwide and/or state categories.

The new Chambers USA edition also ranked Mayer Brown practices in 54 national and/or state practice categories, including 14 top-band rankings in these categories.

Individuals ranked in Band 1 or higher are:

• Lee N Abrams (Antitrust, Illinois) and (Franchising: Mainly Franchisee, Nationwide);
• Robert C Baptista (Banking & Finance, Illinois);
• John C Berghoff (Environment: Litigation, Illinois);
• Timothy S Bishop (Environment: Litigation, Illinois);
• Joshua Cohn (Capital Markets: Derivatives, Nationwide);
• Vincent J Connelly (Litigation: General Commercial, Illinois) and (Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations, Illinois);
• Rebecca S Eisner (Outsourcing, Nationwide) and (Technology & Outsourcing, Illinois);
• J Paul Forrester (Energy & Natural Resources: Transactional, Illinois);
• Andrew L Frey (Appellate Law, Nationwide);
• John J Gearen (Real Estate, Illinois);
• Robert F Gray (Technology: Corporate & Commercial, Texas);
• Robert A Helman (Corporate/M&A, Illinois);
• David M Hudanish (Technology & Outsourcing, New York);
• Robert M Jenkins III (Transportation: Rail (for Railroads), Nationwide);
• Erika Z Jones (Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial), Nationwide)
• Ivan Kane (Real Estate, Illinois);
• M Marvin Katz (Real Estate, Texas);
• Jason H P Kravitt (Capital Markets: Securitization, Nationwide);
• Herbert W Krueger (Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation, Illinois);
• Philip Allen Lacovara (International Arbitration: Arbitrators, Nationwide);
• Theodore A Livingston (Communications, Illinois);
• Barry N Machlin (Projects, Nationwide);
• Marcia G Madsen (Government: Government Contracts, Nationwide);
• Andrew S Marovitz (Antitrust, Illinois);
• Daniel A Masur (Outsourcing, Nationwide) and (Technology & Outsourcing, District of Columbia);
• Brad L Peterson (Outsourcing, Nationwide) and (Technology & Outsourcing, Illinois);
• Paul J N Roy (Outsourcing, Nationwide) and (Technology & Outsourcing, Illinois);
• John R Schmidt (Projects: PPP, Nationwide);
• Stephen M Shapiro (Appellate Law, Nationwide);
• Joel V Williamson (Tax, Illinois) and (Tax: Controversy, Nationwide); and
• Keith J Willner (Real Estate, District of Columbia).

Mayer Brown’s 54 national and/or state practice category rankings in the new edition of Chambers USA include:

• 24 nationwide categories, six of which are top-band: Appellate Law; Capital Markets: Securitization; Outsourcing; Projects: PPP; Tax: Controversy; and Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial).

• 30 state categories in Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, DC, eight of which are top-band:

o Illinois – Antitrust; Banking & Finance; Communications; Labor    & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation; Tax; and    Technology & Outsourcing;
o New York – Technology & Outsourcing; and
o Washington, DC – Technology & Outsourcing.

The 2012 edition of Chambers USA also included rankings in the nationwide practice categories for “Recommended for Client Service” and “Recommended for Commercial Awareness.” The rankings highlight a handful of firms (typically six-ten) who demonstrate excellence in the respective areas, and Mayer Brown scored well in both categories:

• Recommended for Client Service – Government: Government Relations; and Wealth Management.

• Recommended for Commercial Awareness – Capital Markets: Securitization; Outsourcing; Tax: Corporate & Finance; and Wealth Management.

Chambers’ comments on Mayer Brown’s nationwide top-band rankings:

Appellate Law – Chambers says “this well-reputed firm receives much praise for its appellate capabilities, housing a team of about 45 appellate lawyers. With its strong Supreme Court track record, the firm is the first port of call for many high-profile appeals.” Chambers sources say "Mayer Brown has a deep team."

Capital Markets: Securitization – Chambers says Mayer Brown has “an impressive array of market-leading experts and covers a wide range of securitization matters,” and that “the firm's size and international capabilities have afforded it cross-border experience and the ability to handle multijurisdictional deals with ease.” Sources quoted by Chambers say the team has “seamless integration of product knowledge.”

Outsourcing – According to Chambers, Mayer Brown “enjoys an outstanding national reputation for its outsourcing expertise” and that “ the experienced and sizeable group is considered to be excellent in every aspect of outsourcing matters, and sources commend the firm's extensive knowledge base that gives the practice gravitas.” Chambers sources say Mayer Brown has "notably excellent lawyers that give excellent business advice."

Projects: PPP – “Mayer Brown houses one of the best PPP practices in the country” and “the small yet highly effective and formidable group has amassed widespread praise for its representation of bidders and lenders in transport and social infrastructure projects,” says Chambers. Sources quoted by the publication say, “they set themselves apart from the rest, acting on all sides of the table.”

Tax: Controversy – Chambers says Mayer Brown’s Tax Controversy lawyers “are skilled in the full range of tax controversy work, including litigation at trial and appellate level, tax audits, state and local controversy, transfer pricing and other international controversy matters” and that “clients are particularly quick to commend its impressive and exceptionally helpful international outlook.” Chambers’ sources say "they keep us up to date on relevant news items and banking developments in the USA. This adds value to our company."

Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial) – Mayer Brown “is known for providing expert regulatory advice to key players in the automotive sector. The team wins mandates from a wide breadth of clients from across the industry, including trucking companies, manufacturers and trade associations,” says Chambers. The publication also notes that “the team has been particularly active recently in providing advice on cutting-edge environmental and safety regulation issues.”

Following is a complete list of the 2012 Chambers USA rankings for Mayer Brown.

Practice Category Rankings:

• Antitrust
• Antitrust: Cartel
• Appellate Law 
• Banking & Finance 
• Capital Markets: Derivatives 
• Capital Markets: Securitization 
• Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation 
• Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance) 
• Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Enforcement & Investigations)
• Government: Government Contracts 
• Government: Government Relations 
• International Arbitration 
• International Trade 
• Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation 
• Outsourcing
• Privacy & Data Security 
• Product Liability & Mass Torts 
• Projects: PPP 
• Real Estate 
• Tax: Controversy 
• Tax: Corporate & Finance 
• Transportation: Rail (for Railroads) 
• Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial) 
• Wealth Management 

District of Columbia
• Antitrust 
• Intellectual Property 
• Intellectual Property: Litigation 
• Litigation 
• Real Estate 
• Technology & Outsourcing 

• Antitrust 
• Banking & Finance 
• Bankruptcy/Restructuring 
• Communications 
• Corporate/M&A & Private Equity 
• Environment 
• Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory 
• Intellectual Property 
• Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation 
• Litigation: General Commercial 
• Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations 
• Real Estate 
• Tax 
• Technology & Outsourcing 

New York
• Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory 
• Latin American Investment 
• Litigation: General Commercial: Highly Regarded 
• Technology & Outsourcing 

North Carolina
• Banking & Finance 
• Real Estate: Finance 

• Banking & Finance 
• Corporate/M&A 
• Real Estate 
• Technology: Corporate & Commercial 

Mayer Brown 2012 Chambers USA “Leaders in Their Field”

• Lee N Abrams (Illinois) 
• Robert E Bloch (District of Columbia) 
• Richard J Favretto (District of Columbia) 
• Andrew S Marovitz (Illinois) 
• T Mark McLaughlin (Illinois) 
• Britt Miller (Illinois) 
• Richard M Steuer (New York)

Appellate Law
• Andrew L Frey (Nationwide) 
• Kenneth S Geller (Nationwide) 
• Andrew J Pincus (Nationwide) 
• Stephen M Shapiro (Nationwide) 
• Evan M Tager (Nationwide) 

Banking & Finance
• Robert C Baptista (Illinois)
• Robert C Baptista (Nationwide) 
• Douglas A Doetsch (Illinois) 
• J Paul Forrester (Illinois) 
• Carol A Hitselberger (North Carolina) 
• John F Lawlor (Illinois) 
• Brian E Newhouse (California) 
• Keith F Oberkfell (North Carolina) 
• Tristan Propst (Texas) 
• Timothy R Ryan (North Carolina)
• Ami G Scott (Illinois) 
• Will Walker (North Carolina) 

• Thomas S Kiriakos (Illinois) 
• Sean Scott (Illinois) 
• Brian Trust (New York) 

Capital Markets: Debt & Equity
• Edward S Best (Nationwide) 
• Philip J Niehoff (Nationwide) 

Capital Markets: Derivatives
• Joshua Cohn (Nationwide) 

Capital Markets: Securitization
• Mary C Fontaine (Nationwide)
• Barbara Goodstein (Nationwide) 
• Carol A Hitselberger (Nationwide) 
• Paul A Jorissen (Nationwide) 
• Jason H P Kravitt (Nationwide) 
• Stuart M Litwin (Nationwide) 
• Keith F Oberkfell (Nationwide) 
• Jon D Van Gorp (Nationwide) 

• Christian F Binnig (Illinois)
• J Tyson Covey (Illinois)
• Dennis G Friedman (Illinois)
• Hans J Germann (Illinois)
• Theodore A Livingston (Illinois)
• Demetrios G Metropoulos (Illinois)
• John E Muench (Illinois)

• Scott J Davis (Illinois)
• Robert F Gray (Texas)
• Robert A Helman (Illinois)
• William Kucera (Illinois)
• Dallas Parker (Texas)
• Richard Warren Shepro (Illinois)
• Jodi A Simala (Illinois)
• Marc F Sperber (Illinois)
• Paul W Theiss (Illinois)
• Frederick B Thomas (Illinois)

Corporate/M&A: Private Equity
• John W Noell (Illinois)

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
• Herbert W Krueger (Nationwide)

Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
• David I Bloom (Nationwide)

Energy & Natural Resources: Transactional
• J Paul Forrester (Illinois)

Environment: Litigation
• John C Berghoff (Illinois)
• Timothy S Bishop (Illinois)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance)
• Scott Anenberg (Nationwide)
• David Sahr (Nationwide)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Enforcement & Investigations)
• Thomas J Delaney (Nationwide)

Financial Services Regulation: Broker Dealer (Compliance)
• Jerome J. Roche (Nationwide)

Franchising: Mainly Franchisee
• Lee N Abrams (Nationwide)

Government: Government Contracts
• David F Dowd (Nationwide)
• Marcia G Madsen (Nationwide)

Government: Government Contracts: Bid Protests
• Marcia G Madsen (Nationwide)

Government: Government Relations
• Howard Waltzman (Nationwide)

Insurance: Insurer
• James R Woods (California)

Insurance: Transactional & Regulatory
• David Alberts (New York)
• Edward S Best (Illinois)
• Larry Hamilton (Illinois)
• Kenneth R Pierce (New York)

Intellectual Property
• Sharon Israel (Texas)

International Arbitration
• William H Knull (Nationwide)
• Jeffrey Sarles (Nationwide)

International Arbitration: Arbitrators
• Philip Allen Lacovara (Nationwide)

International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions
• Simeon M Kriesberg (Nationwide)

International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy
• Michael Kantor (Nationwide)

Investment Funds: Private Equity: Fund Formation
• John W Noell (Nationwide)

Investment Funds: Registered Funds
• Stephanie Monaco (Nationwide)

Labor & Employment
• Robert P Davis (New York)
• Marcia E Goodman (Illinois)
• Carol A Hitselberger (North Carolina)
• Kim A Leffert (Illinois)

Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation
• Debra B Hoffman (Illinois)
• Herbert W Krueger (Illinois)
• Lennine Occhino (Illinois)

Latin American Investment
• David K Duffee (New York)

Litigation: E-Discovery
• Michael Lackey (Nationwide)

Litigation: Energy & Natural Resources
• William H Knull (Texas)

Litigation: General Commercial
• Vincent J Connelly (Illinois)
• Thomas M Durkin (Illinois)
• James R Ferguson (Illinois)
• Edward D Johnson (California)
• Michele L Odorizzi (Illinois)
• Stephen M Shapiro (Illinois)
• Steven Wolowitz (New York)
• Herbert L Zarov (Illinois)

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
• Vincent J Connelly (Illinois)

• Rebecca S Eisner (Nationwide)
• David M Hudanish (Nationwide)
• Daniel A Masur (Nationwide)
• Brad L Peterson (Nationwide)
• Paul J N Roy (Nationwide)

Privacy & Data Security
• Jeffrey P Taft (Nationwide)

Products Liability & Mass Torts
• Herbert L Zarov (Nationwide)

• Barry N Machlin (Nationwide)
• John R Schmidt (Nationwide)

Projects: PPP
• John R Schmidt (Nationwide)

Real Estate
• John J Gearen (Illinois)
• Frank H Henneburg (District of Columbia)
• Ivan Kane (Illinois)
• M Marvin Katz (Texas)
• Paul E Meyer (Illinois)
• Ronald Shoss (Texas)
• Jeffrey A Usow (Illinois)
• Neil Wasserstrom (Texas)
• Keith J Willner (District of Columbia)

Real Estate: Finance
• Robert Koen (New York)

• David F Abbott (New York)
• James R Barry (Illinois)
• George W Craven (Illinois)
• Larry R Langdon (California)
• Timothy C Sherck (Illinois)
• Joel V Williamson (Illinois)

Tax: Controversy
• David F Abbott (Nationwide)
• Thomas C Durham (Nationwide)
• Thomas L Kittle-Kamp (Nationwide)
• Larry R Langdon (Nationwide)
• Scott M Stewart (Nationwide)
• Joel V Williamson (Nationwide)

Technology & Outsourcing
• Rebecca S Eisner (Illinois)
• David M Hudanish (New York)
• Daniel A Masur (District of Columbia)
• Brad L Peterson (Illinois)
• Kevin A Rang (Illinois)
Linda Rhodes (District of Columbia)
• Paul J N Roy (Illinois)
• Derek Schaffner (District of Columbia)

Technology: Corporate & Commercial
• Robert F Gray (Texas)
• Dallas Parker (Texas)

Transportation: Rail (for Railroads)
• Robert M Jenkins III (Nationwide)

Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial)
• Erika Z Jones (Nationwide)

Wealth Management: Central Region
• James A Casey (Nationwide)
• Donna Morgan (Nationwide)