avril 12 2023

High Yield Bonds: The Complete Issuer’s Guide – US Edition


We are pleased to share with you Mayer Brown’s High Yield Bonds: The Complete Issuer’s Guide - US Edition.

This extensive Guide is a practical tool for companies that that are considering raising capital through the issuance of high yield bonds. Written in plain English, the Guide demystifies and simplifies what for many may seem like a daunting and complex covenant package and offering process.

Covering the full spectrum of what issuers need to know, the Guide begins with an overview of fundamental high yield bond concepts and then launches into an in-depth discussion of each high yield covenant, explaining how the covenant is structured, what the covenant is designed to achieve, the pitfalls to avoid, and insightful practice tips for novices to keep in mind. For issuers in the REIT and Oil & Gas industries, it explores the differences in the covenant packages for those sectors versus the typical high-yield covenant package. The Guide also provides an overview of the 144A/Reg S offering process, including a discussion of the legal framework, a typical timeline for a high yield bond offering and the key transaction documents. Finally, the Guide concludes with a comparison of the distinguishing characteristics among high yield bond covenant packages in the United States, Europe and Asia.

If you would like hard copies of the printed version of the Guide, please order your copy here (quantities are limited).

We hope you find this Guide helpful.

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