mars 23 2022

Drafting and Negotiating Corporate Agreements 2022

Mayer Brown counsel Alan Velasco will deliver a presentation, "Mitigating IT Agreement Terms”.

Gain an understanding of important and commonly misunderstood clauses and problems in IT contracts.

Negotiations for large-scale managed services agreements are often contentious and require large investments in time and cost. This course will help those negotiating these types of agreements understand some of the common issues that arise in these negotiations and how to solve them with interest-based negotiation. Interest-based negotiation is when the parties work together to develop compromises and solutions that address both parties’ needs and is the most effective negotiation approach for large-scale managed services agreements. To that end, this material will present the gaps between common proposals from customers and suppliers and provide the commercial reasons behind each side’s proposal. To further assist you in finding compromises during these negotiations, the material will also present the common compromises that are reached in the market where applicable.

CLE credit is available.
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