juillet 20 2021

The Challenges of Investing in US Technology Companies—The US Insider View for Japanese Companies


US tech company investment is rapidly evolving due to a new US administration, global technology tensions with China and the COVID-19 crisis. Japanese companies have faced special challenges with this type of investment. In this webinar, we will discuss these pitfalls, focusing on complex data, privacy and antitrust risk issues. Our partners who have served as compliance executives at Apple and Uber will share their insights on topics including:


  • The increasing US and global enforcement focus on technology access and competition and how this poses challenges for Japanese investment
  • Managing legal risks and developing ethical frameworks associated with AI and other cutting-edge technologies
  • Practical guidance on compliance with evolving global data privacy and cybersecurity requirements, including key developments at the US state level
  • The forces reshaping US antitrust law and the effects of US-China tensions and COVID-19
  • Insights for successful Japanese investment

Gail Levine recently joined our firm from the Bureau of Competition of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), where she served as a deputy director. At the FTC, she oversaw a wide variety of merger reviews, anticompetitive conduct investigations and antitrust litigation in the high-tech sector and helped establish the new Technology Enforcement Division, which investigates anticompetitive conduct in digital markets. Before joining the FTC, Gail was head of regulatory affairs for Uber and prior to that was with Verizon Communications.

ゲイル・レヴィン(Gail Levine

最近弊所に入所し、以前は米国連邦取引委員会(US Federal Trade Commission )(FTC)の競争局(Bureau of Competition)で副局長を務め、テック分野の合併審査、不正競争行為の取締り、独占禁止法関連の訴訟など幅広い業務の監督経験を有す。さらに、新たに局内に設置されたテック分野における不正競争行為を取り締るTechnology Enforcement Divisionの立ち上げに貢献した。FTCに入局前は、Uberで規制関連業務のトップを務め、それ以前はVerizon Communicationsにて勤務。

Vivek Mohan joined our firm earlier this year from Apple Inc., where he was responsible for privacy and security legal issues associated with the company’s global products, services and corporate infrastructure. At Apple, he focused on privacy counseling for all software, biometric, augmented reality, artificial intelligence/machine learning and search products and served as lead counsel for information security.

ヴィヴェック・モハン(Vivek Mohan


Tuesday, July 20, 2021
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. JST

日本時間 午前10:00から11:00まで

For additional information, please contact Emmanuelle Ricatte at ericatte@mayerbrown.com or +1 312 701 8783.

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