The Dodd-Frank Act had a major impact on the financial condition and operations of US banks, nonbank financial institutions, and non-US banking organizations and other financial services organizations.

Mayer Brown’s Dodd-Frank Experience

Since the inception of the financial crisis in 2008, Mayer Brown lawyers have worked closely with our financial institution and trade association clients on the regulatory response.  We represented clients in the legislative phase leading up to the enactment of Dodd-Frank and have continued to work on initiatives to obtain needed amendments to the legislation, including preparing and delivering testimony before Congressional committees.  We have been even more active on behalf of our clients during  the regulatory implementation phase of Dodd-Frank, including drafting many comment letters on major initiatives such as the Volcker Rule, new derivatives regulations, changes affecting the securitization industry, regulatory capital rules, and changes to the US securities laws. 

We are currently advising many of our US and non-US financial services clients on implementation of the full gamut of Dodd-Frank requirements, ranging from new consumer regulations to heightened prudential standards.  We have developed several user-friendly and tailored tools that our clients use to manage these tasks, including matrices of Dodd-Frank regulations and a Volcker Rule assessment chart.

Annual Dodd-Frank Seminars

Mayer Brown hosts an annual seminar discussing the continuing impact of Dodd-Frank.  Complete materials related to each year’s event can be reached though the links below:

2018 - Financial Services Forum

2017 - The Continuing Impact of Dodd-Frank

2016 - The Continuing Impact of Dodd-Frank

2015 - The Continuing Impact of Dodd-Frank

2014 - The Continuing Impact of Dodd-Frank

2013 - The Continuing Impact of Dodd-Frank

2012 - The Continuing Impact of Dodd-Frank

2011 - Dodd-Frank: One Year Later

2010 - Understanding the New Financial Reform Legislation