• Benefits & Compensation blog is Mayer Brown's blog designed to provide insights from our lawyers on developments in the fields of employee benefits, executive compensation, and pension investments. Subjects for comment include all manner of trends we are seeing, as well as legislative and regulatory changes, developments in case law, and other issues that we believe may be of interest to our clients.
  • Mayer Brown’s Best Methods blog delivers timely analysis of the latest developments in the world of transfer pricing. The blog focuses on new guidance, legislative and regulatory changes, and cases from the United States, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and tax jurisdictions around the globe.
  • Class Defense Blog is Mayer Brown's class action blog and offers the insights of Mayer Brown litigators on cutting-edge issues in class action law and policy. Our goal is to identify and analyze recent trends in the filing and defense of class actions and other forms of aggregate litigation against businesses. We also will report on relevant legislative and regulatory developments.
  • Consumer Financial Services Review blog provides insights from an industry-leading group of lawyers within Mayer Brown’s global Financial Services Regulatory & Enforcement practice. For more than 20 years, the Consumer Financial Services group has been recognized for its thought leadership and for providing high-caliber regulatory counseling, enforcement defense and transactional advice to a broad range of consumer financial services providers, including mortgage and auto lenders, consumer finance companies, payment companies, credit card issuers and investment banks.

  • Mayer Brown’s Employer Perspectives blog is designed to provide practical insights and commentary for UK employers on developments in the employment and pensions industries. Subjects for comment include legislative changes, case law, regulatory developments and wider industry trends that will have a direct impact on UK employers. The contributors are members of our London Employment and Pensions teams, all of whom have wide-ranging experience advising employers on employment and pensions issues.
  • Eye on ESG provides insights and analysis to help navigate the ESG landscape on a global scale. It has become clear that these ideas are here to stay, and they are shaping our markets and economies in increasingly impactful ways. As new developments occur at a rapid pace, it is critical for market participants to stay informed and adapt to this new paradigm. With Eye on ESG, we cover a range of timely ESG updates and issues, including regulatory, policy, political and industry-related developments, as well as judicial developments and case law.
  • Eye on IBOR Transition is designed to enable our global, cross-practice IBOR lawyers to keep you abreast, in real time, of continuing regulatory and legislative announcements, trade group tools, and the status of market transition. Global regulators have recommended that market participants stop linking most financial contracts to LIBOR by 30 June 2021, and we have an eye on the market’s progress!
  • Free Writings + Perspectives provides news and views on securities regulation and capital formation. The blog provides up to the minute news regarding securities law developments, particularly related to capital formation, as well as commentary regarding developments affecting private placements, mezzanine or "late stage" private placements, PIPE transactions, IPOs and the IPO market, and new financial products.
  • Immuno-Innovation is Mayer Brown’s blog reporting at the intersection of Immunotherapy and Intellectual Property law, providing legal analysis, updates on case law, legislative and regulatory developments, as well as trend-spotting and best practices. Our goal is to deliver to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry timely insights into where the science of immunotherapy is headed—and where patents and other IP might follow. Immuno-Innovation’s editors and contributors are members of Mayer Brown’s Intellectual Property practice and Life Sciences industry group; with decades of combined experience representing clients in the biopharmaceutical sector, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to contribute to the ongoing and important conversations about the critical intellectual property components of these life-savings therapies.
  • Mayer Brown’s Inside Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Law is a compendium of legal updates, published articles, webinars and presentations authored by members of our Cybersecurity & Data Privacy practice. Drawing from our contributors’ deep experience in this field, we share insights and analysis on a range of cyber and privacy issues, including legislative and regulatory developments, policy and industry-related updates, and judicial developments that are most likely to impact our clients. We consistently keep our clients updated with the latest developments, and we are pleased to provide this searchable archive of those materials.
  • The Long and Short of It is Mayer Brown’s derivatives blog designed to provide clients updates and analysis on legal and regulatory developments impacting derivative products. Blog contributors from our offices worldwide provide insights which will be useful to product specialists and non-specialists alike.
  • The Mobile Workforce is Mayer Brown's blog that is designed to provide employers with a direct line of sight into immigration policy-making and practices across worldwide centers. Subjects for comment include major trends we are seeing, as well as legislative and regulatory changes, developments in case law, and enforcement changes that are most likely to impact our clients’ worldwide work corps.
  • Real Bankruptcy Intel is Mayer Brown's blog designed to provide current updates and analysis on developments relating to the restructuring, bankruptcy and insolvency space. Our blog contributors provide concise and timely briefings on recent legal and financial developments, significant court decisions, market trends and other issues of interest.
  • Retained Interest is Mayer Brown’s structured finance blog designed to provide clients updates and analysis on legal and regulatory developments impacting the structured finance industry. Our blog contributors provide insights related to developments and innovations in the structured finance industry and concise and timely briefings on current issues affecting financial asset transactions.
  • Tax Equity Times is Mayer Brown's blog that addresses issues at the intersection of US tax and energy policy. Its primary focus is the US law regarding transactions to monetize the tax credits and accelerated depreciation on qualifying renewable energy projects. The blog also addresses certain tangential topics, such as partnership taxation, equipment leasing, the US Treasury’s cash grant program and state tax incentives. Those working with tax equity investors, developers and utilities will find posts of interest to them. The blog’s contributors are Mayer Brown tax lawyers who advise such parties.
  • The UK Real Estate Insights blog is intended to anticipate shifts in the industry and respond to market conditions with an approach that is both sophisticated and pragmatic. From formation of capital-raising vehicles to acquisitions and sales to transactions involving complex financing and joint-venture structures in multiple jurisdictions, our multidisciplinary team handles matters spanning the global real estate industry.



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