Mayer Brown's Cuba practice offers an end-to-end array of services to clients seeking to establish a presence in Cuba. Inspired by President Obama’s historic announcement on “charting a new course on Cuba,” Mayer Brown created a Cuba practice that offers an end-to-end array of services to clients seeking to establish a presence in Cuba. 

Within the purview of US regulations, the practice performs initial due diligence on Cuba opportunities, identifies potential partners and Cuban counterparts, arranges meetings with Cuban decision makers and advises on the transactional activities pertinent to the resulting deals—while closely monitoring all such activities for sanctions compliance.

Our Cuba sanctions compliance team has more than 30 years’ experience advising on the legal issues arising from international trade in goods, services, technology and capital. We have counseled clients on Cuba sanctions issues across many industries, including finance, telecommunications, insurance, consulting, engineering, mining, tourism, chemicals, agriculture, medicine, consumer goods, industrial goods, transportation and infrastructure.

Members of our Cuba team have advised clients on interactions with the United States and other governments worldwide, financial transactions in Latin America, the Caribbean and other emerging markets and international arbitrations in the region, including in relation to foreign investments in Cuba.


Our recent work includes:

  • Advising an American hotel and leisure company on its hotel management operations in Cuba.
  • Helping a multinational company in the agro-food sector establish a manufacturing plant in Cuba.
  • Advising a foreign multinational consumer goods company on exports compliance matters involving their operations in a joint venture with the Cuban government.
  • Counseling an international jewelry manufacturer and retailer on obtaining an OFAC license to begin operations in Cuba.
  • Advising a leading ground handling company on compliance matters concerning their Cuba-related operations.
  • Helping an American multinational online transportation network company in their preliminary legal assessment to enter the Cuban market.
  • Advising a multinational food and beverage company on compliance matters related to importing certain Cuban agricultural commodities into the United States.
  • Counseling a financial services company that issues credit cards on compliance matters concerning their entry into the Cuban market.
  • Advising an American casino and resort operating company on compliance matters related to dealings with Cuban nationals who reside in Cuba.
  • Counseling a multinational professional services firm about their entry into the Cuban market.
  • Advising a foreign financial telecommunications network on compliance matters involving their dealings with Cuban banks and certain business-related exports to Cuba.
  • Counseling a multinational metering systems company about their entry into the Cuban market.
  • Advising a museum on their art-related projects in Cuba.
  • Helping a hotel holding company on compliance and due diligence matters concerning a commercial real estate deal in Cuba.
  • Counseling a global oil and gas company about the application of the US sanctions against Cuba on its US subsidiary and its US supply chain.
  • Advising a foreign airline company on the application of US sanctions laws to charter flights to Cuba and on compliance guidelines for the parent firm to issue to its US subsidiary.
  • Preparing sanctions compliance materials for a major US university that had faculty members engaged in academic travel to Cuba.
  • Advising an international natural resources firm regarding the application of the Helms-Burton Act to activities in Cuba.
  • Conducting research on possible US claims with respect to Cuban property on which a facility was to be built.
  • Counseling a non-US financial institution on a voluntary disclosure of violations relating to US transactions involving Cuba.
  • Advising a foreign subsidiary of a US company regarding changes in sanctions pertinent to the provision of goods and services to Cubans located in third countries.