This first volume, written by head of the Antitrust & Competition practice in Paris, Nathalie Jalabert-Doury, is dedicated to French competition dawn raids, which are detailed both from a legal and practical point of view.

The following are successively addressed: competition inspections upon judicial authorizations (searches and seizures under Article L. 450-4 of the French Commercial Code), competition criminal searches (Article L. 450-1, II bis of the French Commercial Code and 56 of the French Criminal Procedure Code) and administrative inspections (Article L. 450-3 of the French Commercial Code).

For each of these procedures, the author presents the nature of the inspection, discusses its compatibility with fundamental rights, before describing its various steps and the measures to be taken by the company concerned upstream of any inspection and during such an inspection.

The guide is based on numerous examples taken from the author's daily practice. This is the first volume dedicated to the French inspection procedures. The second volume, which will be published shortly, will cover EU inspections. (French content)

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