• The General Court upholds the decisions of the Commission accepting a referral request from France, as joined by other Member States, asking it to assess the proposed acquisition of Grail by Illumina (See CPR Nº 123/2022 - Judgment of the General Court in Case T-227/21 Illumina Vs. Commission)
  • Judgment of the Court of 13 July 2022 in Case T-886/19, Design Light & Led Made in Europe, Design Luce & Led Made in Italy
    Re: Competition - Abuse of dominant position - Agreements, decisions and concerted practices - LED lighting sector - Patent Licensing Program - Decision rejecting a complaint - Article 7 of Regulation (EC) No 773/2004 - Manifest error of assessment - Obligation to state reasons - Lack of Union interest - Likelihood of establishing the existence of an infringement
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.10755 - Advent / Irca)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9603 - SNCF Mobilites / THIF)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.10799 - Reggeborgh / Ellaktor)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.10789 - Goldman Sachs / Sojitz / JV)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.10565 - Volkswagen / Trinity / Europcar)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.10651 - Faerch / Paccor)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.10757 - Mutares / Cimos)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.10777 - Plastic Ommium / Varroc (Lighting Division))  
  • Commission clears acquisition of sole control of Konecta and Comdata by ICG (M.10785)
  • Commission clears acquisition of joint control of Theramex by PAI Partners and Carlyle (M.10749) - Midday Express
  • Commission clears the acquisition of Talpa Network by RTL Group, with the exception of the AV/TV value chain in the Netherlands (M.10391) - Midday Express


  • Judgment of the Court of 13 July 2022 in Case T-150/20, Tartu Agro AS Vs. European Commission
    Re: State aid - Agriculture - Lease contract for agricultural land in Estonia - Decision declaring the aid incompatible with the internal market and ordering its recovery - Advantage - Determination of the market price - Private operator principle - Complex economic assessments - Judicial review - Taking into account of all relevant factors - Duty of care'
  • Commission approves €48 million German scheme to support SMEs in Saxony (SA.100616) - Midday Express
  • Commission approves €300 million Flemish scheme to support companies in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine (SA.103314) - Midday Express
  • Commission approves 160,000 Slovenian scheme to support the livestock sector of the municipality of Kobarid in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine (SA.103115) - Midday Express


  • Recommendation for a Council Decision authorising the opening of negotiations for the inclusion of provisions on cross-border data flows in the Agreement between the European Union and Japan for an Economic Partnership
  • UK’s Liz Truss was warned of blow to food sector under Australia and New Zealand trade deals -


  • Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/1204 of 16 June 2022 setting up the Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium (MIRRI-ERIC)
  • Statutes of the Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure - European Research Infrastructure Consortium MIRRI-ERIC
  • ECHA Weekly Newsletter - 13 July 2022
  • Austria: EIB Group and RLB Steiermark join forces to provide additional lending to small and medium enterprises and mid-caps
  • Spain: EIB provides €110 million to boost ACCIONA’s RD&I and digitalization strategy


  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) /... supplementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1503 of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to regulatory technical standards specifying
    - the conflicts of interest requirements for crowdfunding service providers (Regulation)
    - the entry knowledge test and the simulation of the ability to bear loss for prospective non-sophisticated investors in crowdfunding projects (Regulation)
    - the measures and procedures for crowdfunding service providers’ business continuity plan (Regulation)
    - the methodology for calculating default rates of loans offered on a crowdfunding platform (Regulation
  • SRB publishes Resolvability Assessment and Heat-map
  • Legal options for a green golden rule in the European Union’s fiscal framework - See Bruegel Policy Brief
  • Achieving the full potential of sustainable finance: The role of national, European and international initiatives - See EPC Paper



  • The Court declares the action brought by Nord Stream 2 AG against the directive extending certain rules of the internal market in natural gas to pipelines from third countries to be partially admissible (See CPR Nº 122/2022 - Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-348/20 P, Nord Stream 2 Vs. Parliament and Council)
  • Commission welcomes return by Canada of gas pipeline turbine
  • In focus: Energy and smart cities
  • Just Transition Forum calls for ambitious 2030 energy and climate targets and inclusive policies to advance the clean energy transition - Energy Community
  • Unpacking the sense and nonsense behind energy price caps - See CEPS Paper


  • Agenda for: Working Party on International Environment Issues (Int. Chemicals / Synergies) - 20 July 2022
  • College statement on the first anniversary of the devastating floods in north-west Europe
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Imposition of a ‘landfill tax’ and ‘environmental contribution’
  • Recommendation for a Council Decision authorising the opening of negotiations on behalf of the European Union for an international agreement on plastic pollution
  • Draft report by MEP Christophe Hansen on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Making available on the Union market as well as export from the Union of certain commodities and products associated with deforestation and forest degradation and repealing Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 - Amendments 1 - 202 


  • EFSA - Degree of certainty in scientific advice: implications for risk management and communication 


  • Agenda for: Horizontal Working Party on Cyber issues - 15 July 2022



  • Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council - 12 July 2022 
    - Fiscal sustainability: Council adopts conclusions 
    - Macroeconomic imbalance procedure: Council adopts conclusions
    - Croatia set to join the euro area on 1 January 2023: Council adopts final required legal acts 
  • Decision (EU) 2022/1201 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2022 providing exceptional macro-financial assistance to Ukraine
  • Report on Public Finances in EMU 2021 - Institutional Paper 181
  • Tax thy neighbour: Corporate tax pass-through into downstream consumer prices in a monetary union - ECB Working Paper Series - No.2681
  • Product quality, measured inflation and monetary policy - ECB Working Paper Series - No.2680


  • Northern Ireland: PEACE PLUS programme will support peace and prosperity across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland - IP/22/4489



  • Agenda for: Working Party on European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - 19 July 2022
  • First EFTA Council meeting under Liechtenstein's one-year Chairmanship
  • Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the alignment of certain countries concerning restrictive measures against Iran
  • The European Commission appoints a new Head of Representation in Finland - IP/22/4471
  • The EU and India agree to disagree on Ukraine… and that’s ok - See CEPS Paper