• COVID-19 pandemic: ESA approves compensation to Trondheim Spektrum AS



  • COVID-19: Council adopts a revised recommendation on measures affecting free movement, based on the individual situation of persons and no longer on the region of origin
    - Council Recommendation (EU) 2022/107 of 25 January 2022 on a coordinated approach to facilitate safe free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic and replacing Recommendation (EU) 2020/1475
    - Council Recommendation (EU) 2022/108 of 25 January 2022 amending Recommendation (EU) 2020/1632 as regards a coordinated approach to facilitate safe travel during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Schengen area


  • Cyprus - Notification of concentration regarding the acquisition of the share capital of Onnit Labs, Inc. by Conopco, Inc.
  • Estonia - The Competition Authority terminated the proceedings against Star Cloud OÜ, which operates the Opiq environment
  • France - The Autorité de la concurrence starts proceedings ex officio to analyse competition conditions in the cloud computing sector
  • Portugal - The Board of the Competition Authority Board adopts the decision of non-applicability to the merger DH/Glovo
  • Romania - The Competition Council analyses the takeover by Roadhill Automotive SRL of some activities of Colina Motors SRL
  • UK - The CMA has launched a market study into music and streaming services
  • UK - CK Hutchison’s response to Chapter 5 of the CMA’s Provisional Findings & The Parties response to provisional findings
  • UK - CMA has published an interim report in connection with our market study into mobile ecosystems


  • The Court of Justice interprets the provisions of EU law relating to compensation payments granted under Natura 2000 (See CPR Nº 17/2022 - Judgments of the Court of Justice in Cases C-234/20, C-238/20 - Sātiņi-S)
  • Commission formally adopts the new Guidelines on State aid for Climate, Environmental protection and Energy - Midday Express
  • Commission approves €3.8 billion Italian scheme under Recovery and Resilience Facility to support deployment of Gigabit networks (SA.63170) - IP/22/441
  • Commission approves restructuring aid of up to around €2.7 billion for Romanian power company Complexul Energetic Oltenia SA (SA.59974) - IP/22/574
  • Commission approves 2022-2027 regional aid map for the Netherlands (SA.100273) - IP/22/579
  • Commission approves 2022-2027 regional aid map for Slovenia (SA.100677) - IP/22/580
  • EFTA - ESA adopts supplements to the ETS guidelines


  • Minutes of: Meeting of the Expert Group on responsible sourcing of "tin, tantalum, tungsten & gold" of 14 December 2021
  • Minutes of: 227th meeting of the Customs Code Committee - Tariff & Statistical Nomenclature Section (Sub-Section Mec/Misc/Tex) from 6th to 8th Dec 2021
  • EU refers China to the WTO following its trade restrictions on Lithuania - IP/22/627 & Financial Times
  • WTO arbitrator issued a decision on the level of countermeasures China may request in its dispute with the US regarding US countervailing duties on certain products from China (DS437)
  • WTO - General Council discusses convening of Ministerial Conference, advancing work agenda




  • Agenda for: Working Group of Financial Services & Banking Union
    - Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFIR) of 3 February 2022
    - Insurance of 2 February 2022
  • ESMA consults on the review of MiFID II on suitability guidelines
  • ESMA Compliance table - Guidelines on the management body of market operators and DRSPs under MiFID II


  • National legislation requiring Spanish tax residents to declare their overseas assets or rights is contrary to EU law (See CPR Nº 18/2022 - Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-788/19, Commission Vs. Spain (Obligation d’information en matière fiscale)) 
  • Opinion of Advocate General Capeta of 27 January 2022 Case C‑607/20, GE Aircraft Engine Services Ltd Vs. The Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - VAT - Transfers of vouchers as taxable transactions - Article 26(1)(b) of the VAT Directive - Concept of ‘private use or that of his staff or, more generally, for purposes other than those of his business’ - Provision of vouchers, free of charge, to staff as part of an employee reward scheme
  • Opinion of Advocate General Medina in Case C‑269/20, Finanzamt T Vs. S
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - VAT - VAT groups - Designation of a member of a VAT group as the taxable person - Internal supplies within the VAT group - Supplies provided by a member of a VAT group which is a national foundation governed by public law - Supplies of services carried out free of charge - Pursuit of an activity carried on in an official capacity in addition to an economic activity


  • Judgment of the Court of 27 January 2022 in Case C-179/20, Fondul Proprietatea SA Vs. Guvernul României, SC Complexul Energetic Hunedoara SA, in liquidation, SC Complexul Energetic Oltenia SA, Compania Naţională de Transport al Energiei Electrice "Transelectrica" SA, in the presence of : Ministerul Economiei, Energiei şi Mediului de Afaceri
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - Internal market in electricity - Directive 2009/72/EC - Article 15(4) - Priority call - Security of supply - Article 32(1) - Free access for third parties - Guaranteed access to transmission networks - Directive 2009/28/EC - Article 16(2) - Guaranteed access - Article 107(1) TFEU - Article 108(3) TFEU - State aid
  • Green Deal for Europe: EU invests extra €1bn in energy infrastructureMidday Express
  • Speech at EU-Africa High Level Dialogue on Climate and Energy
  • Renewable energy on the rise: 37% of EU’s electricity - Eurostat


  • Call for evidence - Environmental impact of waste management – Revision of EU waste framework - Proposal for a directive - Feedback period: 25 January 2022 - 22 February 2022
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Implementation and enforcement of EU environmental law
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Implementation and enforcement of EU environmental law
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Implementation and enforcement of EU environmental law
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Implementation and enforcement of EU environmental law
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Implementation and enforcement of EU environmental law
  • Only a handful of companies show they are ready for EU green rules - Majority of businesses could fail to provide sustainability as required - Financial Times



  • Commission seeks views on rules for illegal discharge from ships
  • Commission adopts rules for the delivery of waste from ships to EU ports


  • Speech by EVP Vestager on the Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles


  • Joint Statement by VP Jourová and Commissioner Reynders ahead of Data Protection Day
  • Consumer Protection: WhatsApp has to inform consumers better about the use of their personal data - Midday Express


  • Minutes of the 5th meeting of Expert group against SLAPP of 19 January 2022
  • Brexit - Sixth joint report on the implementation of residence rights under part two of the Withdrawal Agreement


  • ECB warns European lenders on Russia sanctions risk - Central bank takes action as US threatens ‘massive consequences’ if Moscow invades Ukraine - Financial Times


  • Possible items for College agendas from 2 February to 27 July 2022
  • Speech by President Charles Michel after his meeting with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Vienna
  • Speech by President Charles Michel after his meeting with Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger in Bratislava 


  • EU announces €175 million in EU humanitarian aid for West and Central Africa - IP/22/628
  • Launching the Global Europe Performance Monitoring System containing a Revised Global Europe Results Framework
  • Message from President Charles Michel on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Speech by President von der Leyen at the International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration of the European Jewish Congress
  • Declaration by the HR on behalf of the European Union on the alignment of certain countries concerning restrictive measures against serious human rights violations and abuses