• Commission approves €39.6 million Greek scheme to support certain vegetable producers affected by coronavirus outbreak (SA.58929) - Midday Express
  • Commission approves €450 million Greek scheme to support companies active in certain sectors affected by coronavirus outbreak (SA.58368) - Midday Express
  • Commission approves €9.35 million Portuguese employment aid scheme to preserve jobs on the Azores Islands during the coronavirus outbreak (SA.58658)  - Midday Express
  • COVID-19 pandemic: ESA approves aid to Dyrsku’n agricultural and trade fair in Norway



  • Investment Plan backs additional support for SMEs in Spain affected by COVID-19 crisis - IP/20/1951
  • EP legislative resolution of 20 October 2020 on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) No 168/2013 as regards specific measures on L-category end-of-series vehicles in response to the COVID-19 outbreak


  • Team Europe: The European Union disburses €25 million to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis in The Gambia - IP/20/1937


  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9928 - QuattroR/HGM/Burgo)
  • Commission clears acquisition of IMA by Sofima Holdings and BC Partners (M.9937)  - Midday Express
  • Commission clears the creation of a joint venture by Volvo and SCUK (M.9904)  - Midday Express
  • Commission clears acquisition of sole control over Hermes UK by Advent and of joint control over Hermes Germany by Advent and Otto (M.9957) - Midday Express
  • Barriers to Competition through Common Ownership by Institutional Investors - Study in Focus for the EP ECON Committee
  • Germany - Bundeskartellamt - List of notifications of merger projects
  • Poland - UOKiK has granted consent H&F Fund from the Cayman Islands to take over the Center for Electronic Settlements Polish ePayments S.A.
  • Switzerland - COMCO: UPC abused ice hockey broadcasting rights


  • Agenda for: 5th meeting of the Customs Expert Group, Taric sub section on 26 November 2020
  • Agenda for: 100th Customs Code Committee General Legislation & 64th Electronic Customs Coordination Group (ECCG) of 30 October 2020
  • Agenda for: Working Party on Trade Questions of 20 October 2020
  • Agenda for: Trade Policy Committee (Full Members) of 21 October 2020
  • Agenda of the Seventh EU-Moldova Association Committee in Trade Configuration of 20-21 October 2020
  • Minutes of the EP INTA Committee of 24 September 2020
  • Proposal for a Council Decision on the position to be taken on behalf of the European Union in the EU-Canada Joint Customs Cooperation Committee as regards the adoption of the decision concerning the mutual recognition of the Partners in Protection Programme of Canada and the Authorised Economic Operators Programme of the European Union - See the Annex
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1524 of 19 October 2020 imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty and definitively collecting the provisional duty imposed on imports of certain heavyweight thermal paper originating in the Republic of Korea
  • WTO - Members discuss intellectual property response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • WCO - The Revised Kyoto Convention now has 124 Contracting Parties following the accession of Maldives


  • 18th Session of the WIPO Working Group on the Legal Development of the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks (WIPO, Geneva, 12 – 16 October 2020) - Final EU/Member States statements
  • EU job-search aid worth €2 million for 500 former shipbuilding workers in Spain – See MEP Statement & Resolution
  • EIT Awards 2020: announcement of nominees


  • Regulation (EU) 2020/1503 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 October 2020 on European crowdfunding service providers for business, and amending Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 and Directive (EU) 2019/1937
  • Directive (EU) 2020/1504 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 October 2020 amending Directive 2014/65/EU on markets in financial instruments
  • EBA submission of the draft regulatory technical standards on the prudential treatment of software assets under Article 36 of the Capital Requirements Regulation ('CRR') 
  • ESRB opinion regarding the Swedish notification of an extension period of the period of application of a stricter national measure based on under Art. 458 CRR


  • Baltic Sea fishing: Council agrees on 2021 catch limits
  • Press Statement by Commissioner Sinkevičius at the end of AGRIFISH Council 
  • Agenda for: 8th meeting of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare of 03 November 2020
  • Minutes of Special Committee on Agriculture of 12 October 2020  
  • Minutes of Meeting of the Committee for Spirit Drinks of 13 October 2020


  • Agenda for: 10th Meeting of the CEG to implement the soil protection provisions of the 7th EAP of 23 October 2020
  • Minutes of the 91st Meeting of the CITES Scientific Review Group of 21 September 2020
  • Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the framework for achieving climate neutrality and amending Regulation (EU) 2018/1999 (European Climate Law) - Partial general approach
  • 8th Round of Mutual Evaluations - 'The practical implementation and operation of European policies on preventing and combating Environmental Crime' - Follow-up to the Report on Spain
  • Commission Notice Guidelines on the enforcement of obligations under the EU Ship Recycling Regulation relating to the Inventory of Hazardous Materials of vessels operating in European waters
  • EEA - Latest evaluation shows Europe's nature in serious, continuing decline


  • Agenda for: Meeting of the PAFF, section Plant Health of 21-23 October 2020 
  • Agenda for: Medical Device Coordination Group (Eudamed Vigilance) of 29 October 2020
  • Council prioritises actions for sustainable food systems: conclusions on the farm to fork strategy 
  • Speech by President von der Leyen at the annual meeting of the U.S. National Academy of Medicine
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - CBD and CBD extracts as food and food supplements
  • EMA virtual conference: 25 years of advancing public and animal health
  • EMA - Medicinal products for human use (cumulative figures for the year to date) - Monthly statistics report: September 2020
  • EMA - Multinational assessment teams - Guide for rapporteurs and coordinators


  • Minutes of the 72nd RSC Radio Spectrum Committee - Decision n° 676/2002/EC of 14 October 2020 
  • BEREC adopts its Opinion on the draft EC Recommendations on relevant product and service markets susceptible to ex-ante regulation -


  • EU Threat Landscape Report: Cyber attacks are becoming more sophis-ticated, targeted and widespread - See ENISA Statement
  • Answer given by Mr Hahn to a MEP written question - Question raised by European Data Protection Supervisor regarding alleged breaches by Microsoft of sensitive data regarding the European institutions


  • Opinion of Advocate General Szpunar of 20 October 2020 in Case C‑673/19, M, A, Staatssecretaris van Justitie en Veiligheid joined parties: Staatssecretaris van Justitie en Veiligheid, T
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - Border controls, asylum and immigration - Directive 2008/115/EC - Return of illegally staying third-country nationals - Detention for the purpose of removal - International protection in another Member State - Absence of a return decision
  • Investor citizenship schemes: European Commission opens infringements against Cyprus and Malta for “selling” EU citizenship - IP/20/1925
  • Third report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings (2020) as required under Article 20 of Directive 2011/36/EU on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims
  • Answer given by Ms Johansson to a written question - Implementation capacity for the Common European Asylum System
  • 77% of Europeans insist EU funds be linked to respect for Rule of Law - See the EP Statement
  • Spain dismantle a terrorist organisation recruiting and indoctrinating women - See Europol Statement
  • The challenges of countering human trafficking in the digital era - See Europol Statement & Report 


  • Statement by the European Commission following the fourth meeting of the EU-UK Joint Committee  
  • The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster has updated the House of Commons on negotiations with the European Union and the work of the UK-EU Joint Committee



  • EU renews its sanctions regime against ISIL/Da'esh and Al-Qaida until 31 October 2021 - see Council Decision (CFSP)  2020/1516 & Notice 1 & 2 1
  • Sanctions and Human Rights: towards a European framework to address human rights violations and abuses worldwide – IP/20/1939 & EU Sanctions MAP 
  • Cyprus: Joint Statement by the High Representative Borrell and Commissioner Ferreira on the electoral process in the Turkish Cypriot community
  • EU steps up support for Africa's Central Sahel countries - IP/20/1950
  • Moldova: Remarks by the HR/VP Josep Borrell at the EP plenary on the implementation of the EU Association Agreement