• Summary report - 24th Health Security Committee on COVID-19 outbreak  
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - Exceptional derogation to allow imports of protective masks without the CE label
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - Need to expedite the use of hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine in COVID-19 cases
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - Harmonised protocol on the diagnosis and determination of causes of death in the context of pandemics at EU level 
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - Certification of medical tools in cardiovascular medicine 
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - Reduction and capping of clawback tax on generic medicines
  • Europe’s pandemic politics: How the virus has changed the public’s worldview – See ECFR Policy Brief


  • Increased support for EU farmers affected by the COVID-19 crisis: Council adopts exceptional measures
  • Answer given by Mr Wojciechowski to a MEP written question - The impact of the coronavirus on agricultural production



  • Just Transition Fund: Council agrees on its partial negotiating position 
  • Coronavirus: Commission approves more than €20 million in cohesion policy support to deal with the health emergency in Bulgaria - see the factsheet - Midday Express


  •  Coronavirus response: Team Europe support to Sudan through EU Humanitarian Air Bridge flight – IP/20/1180


  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9851 – Naturgy/Sonatrach/BlackRock/Medgaz)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9856 – M&G Investment Management/Baring Asset Management/Tunstall Group Holdings)
  • Commission clears acquisition of Fiamm Energy Technology by Hitachi Chemical Company (M.9842) - Midday Express
  • Commission clears acquisition of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises by TUI AG and RCCL (M.9778) - Midday Express
  • Germany - Bundeskartellamt - List of Notified Merger Projects -  
  • UK - CMA revises provisional findings in Amazon/Deliveroo case


  • Commission approves €6 billion German measure to recapitalise Lufthansa – IP/20/1179 


  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/868 of 18 June 2020 repealing Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1140 concerning the classification of certain goods in the Combined Nomenclature (CN code 3824 90 96) 
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/870 of 24 June 2020 imposing a definitive countervailing duty and definitively collecting the provisional countervailing duty imposed on imports of continuous filament glass fibre products originating in Egypt, and levying the definitive countervailing duty on the registered imports of continuous filament glass fibre products originating in Egypt
  • Explanatory Notes to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union (expanded tobacco / 2403 99 90 Other)
  • Republic of Korea nominates Ms Yoo Myung-hee for post of WTO Director-General  
  • Update of list of countries applying the Registered Exporter System  
  • WTO - COVID-19 farm support packages and export-restrictive measures under scrutiny  
  • Can the EU’s carbon border tax work for farming? - The theory may be sound but applying it to agriculture will be hard – Financial Times


  • Agenda for: Meeting of the Commission Expert Group on Fertilising Products of 25 - 26 June 2020
  • Minutes of Meeting of the Expert Group "Internal Market for Products (IMP) - Market Surveillance" of 19 June 2020


  • Agenda for: Working Party on Financial Services (CCP recovery and resolution) of 25 June 2020
  • Letter from EBA's José Manuel Campa - Public consultation on revising the Non-Financial Reporting Directive
  • EBA publishes final draft comprehensive ITS on institutions’ Pillar 3 disclosures and revised final draft ITS on supervisory reporting (Framework 3.0)
  • Should Denmark and Sweden join the banking Union? – See the Bruegel Paper



  • Workers are entitled, for the period between an unlawful dismissal and reinstatement as an employee, to annual paid leave or, at the end of the employment relationship, to a payment in lieu of such leave not taken (See CPR Nº 76/2020 - Judgment in Joined Cases C-762/18,C-37/19 Varhoven kasatsionen sad na Republika Bulgaria)


  • Agenda for: 20th meeting of the CEF Coordination Committee – Transport sector of 16 July 2020
  • European Union signs aviation agreement with the Republic of Korea - IP/20/1151
  • European Year of Rail 2021 – Council agrees its position in support of the initiative 
  • Day of the Seafarer: Commissioner Vălean supports the rights of seafarers and their vital role - Statement20/1190
  • Speech by Commissioner Vălean on TEN-T revision: first results of the stakeholder consultation, at the European Parliament


  • ACER publishes a decision on new rules for optimising the imbalance netting process 
  • In-depth review of EU energy policies: Commissioner Simson to discuss IEA report and EU recovery plans


  • An order and a circular that set out the general conditions for the grant of development consent for the installation and operation of wind turbines must themselves be the subject of a prior environmental assessment (See CPR Nº 77/2020 - Judgment in Case C-24/19, A and Others () and à Nevele) 
  • Draft act - Delegated regulation - EU rules on transboundary waste shipments – update concerning plastic wastes - Feedback period: 24 June 2020 - 22 July 2020
  • More protection for our seas and oceans is needed, report finds - IP/20/1160Report
  • Dolphin and porpoise bycatch: Commissioner Sinkevičius hosts live roundtable discussion - Midday Express


  • Minutes - 2nd Plenary meeting of the Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in health (29 April 2020)


  • DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the European Commission’s GDPR report


  • Roadmap - Communication - Consumer policy – the EU’s new ‘consumer agenda’ - Feedback period: 23 June 2020 - 11 August 2020
  • Roadmap - Proposal for a regulation - Review of the general product safety directive - Feedback period: 23 June 2020 - 01 September 2020
  • Roadmap - Proposal for a directive - Consumer credit agreements – review of EU rules - Feedback period: 23 June 2020 - 01 September 2020
  • Roadmap - Proposal for a directive - Consumer policy – strengthening the role of consumers in the green transition - Feedback period: 23 June 2020 - 01 September 2020


  • According to Advocate General Pikamäe, Hungary has failed to fulfil obligations arising from EU law in relation to a substantial part of its national legislation on asylum procedures and the return of illegally staying third-country nationals (See CPR Nº 79/2020 - Opinion of the Advocate General in the case C-808/18, Commission Vs Hungary (Accueil des demandeurs de protection internationale) 
  • Judicial authorities adjudicating on the detention of a third-country national without a legal right of residence can receive an application for international protection and must inform the person concerned of the specific procedures for lodging such an application (See CPR Nº 75/2020 - Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-36/20, PPU Ministerio Fiscal (Autorité susceptible de recevoir une demande de protection internationale)


  • The European Parliament was entitled to adopt the EU budget for 2018 in Brussels, at second reading (See CPR Nº 78/2020 - Judgment in Case C-92/18, France Vs. Parliament)
  • Commissioner Hahn's opening statement in the European Parliament BUDG Committee on the Draft Budget 2021
  • New Eurosystem repo facility to provide euro liquidity to non-euro area central banks - See ECB Press Release
  • Macroeconomic stabilisation properties of a euro area unemployment insurance scheme - ECB Working Paper Series No.2428
  • Monetary policy, markup dispersion, and aggregate TFP - ECB Working Paper Series No.2427
  • Can the German economy pull Europe out of the coronavirus crisis? - The ability of ‘Mittelstand’ companies to adapt means it is well placed to resume its role as the continent’s economic motor - Financial Times 


  • Conference on the Future of Europe - Council agrees its position 
  • Next Generation EU - Breaking a taboo or breaking the law? – See CEPS Paper
  • Germany assumes EU presidency with renewed sense of purpose - Angela Merkel’s first priority is to broker deal on bloc’s post-pandemic recovery fund – Financial Times


  • Council Conclusions on EU-UK relations – Initiation of written procedure – Approval
  • The UK’s decision to leave the EU poses a long-term threat to the European project - See EPC Paper 


  • Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the alignment of certain third countries concerning restrictive measures against Syria
  • MEPs approve €585 million to support refugees from Syria
  • Meeting of President Charles Michel with Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti
  • The EU must be prepared to be critical of China. It can start with Hong Kong’s security law - See CER Paper