• Commission approves modified €288 million Hungarian scheme to support companies affected by coronavirus outbreak (SA.57488 ) - Midday Express
  • Commission approves €40 million Portuguese scheme to support companies affected by the coronavirus outbreak in the autonomous region of Madeira (SA.57494) - Midday Express
  • Commission approves €21 million Belgian scheme to support the production of coronavirus-relevant products in the Flemish region (SA.57605) - Midday Express


  • Minutes - 1st Drafting group meeting on organisation of health and social care following the COVID-19 pandemic (9 June 2020) -  
  • Webinar on “COVID-19 and Transplantation in Children” (23 June 2020) 
  • Covid19 crisis management, enlargement and sustainability of the ERNs at the heart of discussions by the ERNs Coordinators and the ERN Board of Member States
  • Coronavirus Global Response: world leaders summit and concert line-up announced for 27 June – IP/20/1129
  • Agenda for: Working Party on Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices of 25 June 2020
    - Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the conduct of clinical trials with and supply of medicinal products for human use containing or consisting of genetically modified organisms intended to treat or prevent coronavirus disease.
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a written question - Supply of medical devices in the Union during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a written question - Covid-19 and hydroxychloroquine


  • Draft - Council Directive amending Directive 2011/16/EU to address the urgent need to defer certain time limits for the filing and exchange of information in the field of taxation because of the COVID-19 pandemic - see the EP Resolution


  • COVID-19: Boosting aid for farmers from the EU rural development fund -see the EP Resolution
  • Answer given by Mr Wojciechowski to a written question - Measures to stabilise the beef market necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Answer given by Mr Wojciechowski to a written question - Chain responsibility and food security go hand in hand: additional assistance to farmers during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - Revision of European food strategies in view of the COVID-19 emergency
  • Answer given by Mr Wojciechowski to a MEP written question - Inadequacy of measures to support the dairy sector in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Answer given by Mr Wojciechowski to a MEP written question - The need to regain food sovereignty in the light of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Answer given by Mr Wojciechowski to a MEP  written question - Measures to alleviate the plight of farmers and stockbreeders who are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic


  • Bold measures needed to protect cross-border and seasonal workers in EU, MEPs say - MEPs call for urgent action to safeguard health, safety and fair working conditions of cross-border and seasonal workers in the context of COVID-19 - see the EP Resolution


  • Conclusions on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the EU energy sector – road to recovery - Preparation for the approval - Decision to use the written procedure


  • Parliament requests further action to save EU tourism - MEPs call for additional measures to save the EU’s tourism and travel sector and make it future-proof after COVID-19 crisis  
  • Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Couincil establishing measures for a sustainable rail market in view of the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Draft - Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) …/... of 12.6.2020 amending Commission Delegated Regulations (EU) 2018/761 and (EU) 2018/762 as regards their dates of application following the extension of the transposition deadline of Directive (EU) 2016/798 of the European Parliament and of the Council


  • MEPs call for free movement across borders to be swiftly and fully re-established - A swift return to a fully functional Schengen area is needed to safeguard freedom of movement and ensure the EU’s economic recovery, say MEPs - see the EP Resolution


  • Answer given by Mr Gentiloni to a MEP written question - Stability and Growth Pact and EU Member State responses to COVID-19 


  • Answer to a written question - Assistance to Serbia in addressing the COVID-19 crisis
  • Answer given by HR/VP Borrell to a MEP written question - Gaza and the Israeli blockade in light of the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Coronavirus: EU increases action against disinformation - The EU is stepping up action to tackle harmful disinformation surrounding the coronavirus, while respecting the of expression 


  • Request for a preliminary ruling from the Oberster Gerichtshof (Austria) lodged on 27 March 2020 — Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde v Nordzucker AG and Others (Case C-151/20)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9869 – EQT Fund Management/TowerBrook Capital Partners/ACPS Automotive) 
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9828 – Blackstone/NIBC Holding) 
  • Belgium - Notification - MEDE-CC-20/0022 : Private equity fonds Gilde Buy Out Partners / Corilus groep
  • UK - CMA to refer Yorkshire Purchasing / Findel merger unless undertakings in lieu offered
  • UK - CMA publishes final order on Sabre/ Farelogix merger
  • UK - COVID-19: CMA opens Chapter II investigation into suspected excessive and unfair pricing of hand sanitizer 


  • Action brought on 1 May 2020 - Ryanair Vs. Commission (Case T-238/20)
    Re : annulment of the European Commission’s decision (EU) of 11 April 2020 on State aid SA.56812


  • Agenda for: 4th meeting of the CLEN Project Group on compliance assessment, use of precision data and statistics of 23 June, 30 June and 2 July 2020
  • Public consultation - Report - Union Customs Code - mid-term evaluation - Feedback period: 19 June 2020 - 17 July 2020
  • Proposal for a Council Decision on the conclusion of the agreement amending the Interim Partnership Agreement between the European Community, of the one part, and the Pacific States, of the other part, to take account of the accession of the Independent State of Samoa and of future accessions of other Pacific Island States - See the Annex
  • A truly ugly transatlantic trade war is looming - Both the US and EU are being unreasonable, be it over digital taxes, food, gas or cars - Financial Times


  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) …/... of 19.5.2020 amending, for the purposes of its adaptation to technical and scientific progress, Part 3 of Annex VI to Regulation (EC) No 1272 /2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures - Decision not to oppose adoption - See Document No 8127/20addendum
  • Answer given by Mr Breton to a MEP written question - The situation of the EU steel industry



  • Communication from the Commission in accordance with Article 395 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC
  • Answer given by Mr Gentiloni to a MEP written question – Tax policy of the Netherlands


  • Targeted stakeholder consultation on the pilot project ‘Market Launch Intentions of Centrally Authorised Products’ - Deadline for feedback: 22 July 2020
  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question – An independent carcinogenicity review of 10 active ingredients in pesticides with flawed assessments or data gaps  


  • Agenda for: Working Party on Energy of 25 June 2020 
  • Regulators propose changes for the trans-European energy infrastructure Regulation - see ACER/CEER Joint Paper
  • Energy efficiency: new tyre labels highlight potential fuel savings, safety and noise pollution 
  • European Sustainable Energy Week “ Investment in clean energy solutions in times of COVID-19 and beyond”
  • Green Recovery: Commissioner Simson opens the EU Sustainable Energy Week - Midday Express
  • Speech by Commissioner Simson at the Global Hydrogen Forum 2020 
  • Answer given by Ms Simson to a MEP written question - Hacking of a critical link in Europe’s electricity supply


  • Agenda for: Working Party on International Environment Issues - Desertification of 25 June 2020
  • Regulation (EU) 2020/852 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2020 on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment, and amending Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 



  • Agenda for: Horizontal Working Party on cyber issues of 24 June 2020 
  • Minutes of the Single Digital Gateway Committee of 26 May 2020
  • Inception impact assessment - Proposal for a directive - Review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (Directive 2014/61/EU) - Feedback period: 19 June 2020 - 17 July 2020


  • Multistakeholder Expert Group to support the application of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - Report - 17 June 2020


  • EU Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online continues to deliver results - IP/20/1134QaA/20/1135 & the Factsheet
  • Public consultation: Commission seeks views on the EU's accession to the 2019 Hague Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil or Commercial Matters
  • Roadmap: Proposal for a Regulation - Enhancement of European policy on critical infrastructure protection - Feedback period: 19 June 2020 - 07 August 2020
  • Parliament condemns all forms of racism, hate and violence and calls for action - There is no place for racism and discrimination in our societies, say MEPs, asking the EU to take a strong and decisive stand against racism, violence and injustice
  • Czech PM: MEPs call forconflicts of interest involving EU funds to be resolved - Parliament calls for potential conflicts of interest at highest level of government to be resolved and for the names of final beneficiaries of EU funds to be registered


  • Remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni on EU progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals - IP/20/1141
  • Eurostat publishes 2020 report on EU progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Interview of ECB's Luis de Guindos with Der Spiegel


  • Agenda for: Meeting of the Coreper (Part.1 & Part.2) of 22,24 & 26 June 2020
  • Remarks by President Charles Michel following the video conference of the members of the European Council, 19 June 2020
  • Statement by President von der Leyen at the joint press conference with President Michel and Andrej Plenković, Prime Minister of Croatia, following the EU Leaders' videoconference


  • Syria crisis: Brussels IV Conference "Supporting the future of Syria and the region" kicks off today - IP/20/1138
  • EU sanctions: Commission adopts opinion to clarify the application of financial sanctions – IP/20/1126
  • Roadmap - Public consultation - Staff working document - Aid programme for the Turkish Cypriot community – evaluation - Feedback period: 22 June 2020 - 09 November 2020
  • 22nd EU-China Summit and 9th EU-China Energy Dialogue take place via videoconference
  • Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the alignment of certain third countries concerning restrictive measures against cyber-attacks threatening the Union or its member states 
  • MEPs call on EU to consider lawsuit against China over Hong Kong - Parliament recommends that EU and members states file a case before the International Court of Justice, if the new national security law for Hong Kong is applied - see the EP Resolution
  • Joint EU-SADC EPA Council Decision regarding the request for accession of Angola