Mayer Brown litigators in New York secured the release of an immigrant from ICE custody. Mr. P, a native of Poland, entered the US in 1967 when he was five years old. In 2011, he was convicted of Illinois burglary and sentenced to five years in prison. Immediately after he completed his sentence, DHS ordered him deported to Poland based on the conviction, and placed him in detention. Mayer Brown appealed his case to the Seventh Circuit, arguing that the client’s Illinois burglary conviction did not qualify as a deportable “burglary offense” under federal law. The government conceded that the case needed further consideration, and the Seventh Circuit remanded the case to DHS. An immigration judge then released Mr. P while the agency reconsiders his case. On March 30, Mr. P was released after almost ten total years in custody. The team included partner Mike Rayfield and associate Thomas Halpern.