• Communication from the Commission — Amendment to the Temporary Framework for State aid measures to support the economy in the current COVID-19 outbreak
  • Commission approves €322 million Croatian loan guarantees and subsidised loans scheme for micro, small and medium-sized companies affected by coronavirus outbreak  - IP/20/875
  • Commission approves €25 million Belgian aid scheme to support coronavirus related research and development activities in Wallonia - IP/20/874
  • Commission approves €1.5 million Latvian scheme to support companies active in the agricultural sector affected by coronavirus outbreak  - IP/20/873
  • Commission approves €11.5 million Maltese scheme to support investments in the production of coronavirus-relevant products  - IP/20/871


  • Video recording - Webinar on COVID-19 in patients with cardiomyopathies and myocarditis (7 May 2020)
  • EMA recommends expanding remdesivir compassionate use to patients not on mechanical ventilation
  • COVID-19: New EMCDDA study highlights drop in availability of drug services in Europe but increase in innovation


  • Coronavirus: a common approach for safe and efficient mobile tracing apps across the EU - Q&A/20/869
  • Answer given by Mr Breton to a MEP written question - Legal basis for geo-tracking and the sharing of personal data during the coronavirus outbreak


  • Tourism and transport: Commission's guidance on how to safely resume travel and reboot Europe's tourism in 2020 and beyond - IP/20/854 & QaA/20/870
    - Factsheet: The EU helps reboot Europe's Tourism
    - Factsheet: Travel and tourism in Europe: A practical guidance for travelers and companies
    - Communication on tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond
    - Communication on a phased and coordinated approach to free movement
    - Communication: Guidelines on transport and connectivity
    - Communication: Guidelines on tourism services and hospitality establishments
    - Recommendation on vouchers


  • Answer given by Mr Schmit to a MEP written question - Dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus – European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
  • The economy and coronavirus - Weekly Picks 12/05/2020 - Briefing for the EP EcoFin Committee
  • Regular Update on EUEA level to mitigate the economic and social effects of coronavirus - In-Depth Analysis for the EP EcoFin Committee


  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9774 – Bain Capital Investors/Neuberger Berman/Engineering Ingegneria Informatica)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9822 – Bridgepoint/Groupe Financière CEP)
  • Commission clears the creation of a joint venture by Eni Rewind and CDP Equity (M.9809) - Midday Express
  • CMA extends Phase 1 review of ION Investment Group / Broadway Technology merger investigation for second time
  • CMA consults on draft Sabre / Farelogix merger Inquiry Order 2020


  • The General Court dismisses the actions against the Commission decision declaring illegal the aid from Italy to several airlines serving Sardinia (See CPR No.59/20 - Judgments T-607/17, T-716/17 and T-8/18)


  • Agenda for: Customs Code Committee - Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature (MEC/Misc./TEX) of 10 June 2020
  • Decision No 2/2020 of the EU-Singapore Trade Committee of 27 April 2020 on the interpretation, pursuant to Article 16.1(4)(d), of Articles 10.17 and 10.22 of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Singapore as regards changes to the protection of geographical indications for wines, spirits, agricultural products and foodstuffs registered in Singapore
  • Opening Statement at CETA Hearing by Commissioner Phil Hogans in the Dutch Senat
  • Answer given by Mr Hogan to a MEP written question - Soya exports from Brazil to the EU
  • Meeting report on the EU's GSP - Study in support of an Impact Assessment to prepare the review of the GSP Regulation - Inception Report & Power Point presentation


  • Agenda for: 34th Competent Authorities Meeting of REACH and CLP (CARACAL-34) CLP Delegated Acts Annex VIII of 15 May 2020
  • Minutes of the Summary record - WebEx meeting of the REACH Committee of 30 April 2020
  • Grouping of chemicals speeds up regulatory action - ECHA/NR/20/14
  • Five European states call for evidence on broad PFAS restriction - ECHA/NR/20/13
  • Minutes of the Expert Group on Defence and Security Procurement of 23 October 2020
  • 2019 Annual Burden Survey - The European Union's efforts to simplify legislation
  • How to fully reap the benefits of the Internal Market for E-Commerce? - Study for the EP IMCO Committee
  • The e-commerce Directive as the cornerstone of the Internal Market - Study for the EP IMCO Committee
  • Steel market struggled in 2019; Early data for 2020 shows dramatic impact of COVID-19 - See Eurofer Statement and Quarter 2 Report


  • EBA updates data on Deposit Guarantee Schemes across the EU
  • The European Union’s post-Brexit reckoning with financial markets - see Bruegel Policy Paper - May 2020


  • Agenda for: 26th VAT Expert Group meeting of 11 May 2020


  • Retail alliances in the agri-food supply chain explained and their potential benefits for consumers and suppliers assessed - see the JRC Report



  • ACER publishes its new analysis on Tariff Network Code implementation for gas in Spain
  • ACER provides its first Opinion on a bidirectional gas capacity Decision


  • Draft - Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) …/... of 8.5.2020 supplementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1999 of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to values for global warming potentials and the inventory guidelines and with regard to the Union inventory system and repealing Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 666/2014 - See the Annex
  • Communication from the Commission - Publication of the total number of allowances in circulation in 2019 for the purposes of the Market Stability Reserve under the EU Emissions Trading System established by Directive 2003/87/EC
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Light pollution and its effects on people and the environment
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Recycling of wind turbine blades
  • Answer given by Mr Sinkevičius to a MEP written question - Pollution in the Ribeira de Dardavaz stream (Tondela, Viseu) — an at-tack on the environment and public health
  • Answer given by VP Timmermans to a MEP written question - Commission downplaying the climate crisis
  • Answer given by VP Timmermans to a MEP written question - Impact of global warming on agriculture
  • Answer given by VP Timmermans to a MEP written question - Failure of the European Green Deal to mention building using wood and the bioeconomy
  • Answer given by VP Timmermans to a MEP written question - Development of a mechanism for the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change


  • Answer given by Ms Kyriakides to a MEP written question - Precautionary allergen labelling in pre-packaged food


  • Minutes of the 1st workshop with Member States on the transposition/implementation of the “Omnibus” directive of 13 February 2020
  • Communication from the Commission on an Action Plan for a comprehensive Union policy on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing



  • Agenda for: Meeting of the Coreper (Part.1) of 14 May 2020


  • Declaration by the High Representative, on behalf of the European Union, on Libya