• Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9610 — CVC/Royal FrieslandCampina/DMV Fonterra Excipients)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9205 — IBM/Red Hat)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9549 — BP Group/Bunge Group/ BP Bunge Bioenergia)
  • Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.9504 — Blackstone/CRH (European Distribution Business))
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9681 — Inflexion/ICG /Marston)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9748 — KKR/Dentix Health Corporation)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9703 — SCP/Real)
  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9733 — ENGIE/Mirova/Predica/JV)
  • Commission clears the acquisition of OLT by SNAM and FSI (M.9641) - Midday Express
  • Commission clears the acqusition of the joint control of Roof Media by Rossel Group & Cie, SIPA et Crédit Mutuel (M.9680) - Midday Express
  • Belgium - Notification - MEDE-C/C-20-0004: P.L. Van Merksteijn Beheer B.V. / Intersig NV
  • Cyprus - Notification of a concentration concerning the acquisition by Polska Grupa Lotnicza SA of the share capital of Condor Flugdienst GmbH, through AcquiCo GmbH.
  • Poland - UOKiK: Fixing process in the online sale of printers
  • Slovakia - AMO SR approved the merger of the undertakings CRCC International Investment Group Limited and Grupo Aldesa, S.A.
  • Slovakia - AMO SR approved the merger of the undertakings Arca Capital Slovakia, a.s., and BUKOCEL, a.s.
  • UK - CMA issued its Initial enforcement order related to the acquisition of 3G Truck & Trailer Parts Limited by Universal Components Limited.
  • UK - CMA launched its merger inquiry into the acquisition by Kingspan Holdings (Panels) Limited of Building Solutions (National) Limited
  • UK - The CMA is investigating alleged excessive and unfair pricing, anti-competitive agreements and abusive conduct with respect to hydrocortisone tablets under Chapters I and II CA98 and Articles 101 and 102 TFEU
  • Google and EU battle in court over €2.4bn fine - Competitors have long argued that Google is favouring its own services and excluding high quality results offered by rivals - Financial Times


  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - State aid to banks in crisis
  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - Freedom and competition aspects of subsidies for newspaper publishers from the German Federal Government


  • Draft agenda of the EP INTA Committee of 19-20 February 2020
  • Draft - Commission Implementing regualation (EU) …/... of XXX repealing Implementing Regulation (EU) No 863/2013 concerning the classification of certain goods in the Combined Nomenclature
  • Draft - Commission Implementing regualation (EU) …/... of XXX amending Annex I to Council Regulation (EEC) No 2658/87 on the tariff and statistical nomenclature and on the Common Customs Tariff as regards subheading 9021 10 10 (orthopaedic appliances)
  • Draft - Commission Implementing regualation (EU) …/... of XXX concerning the classification of certain goods in the Combined Nomenclature (CN: 6702 10 00)
  • Draft - Council Regulation amending Regulation (EU) 2018/1977 opening and providing for the management of autonomous Union tariff quotas for certain fishery products for the period 2019-2020
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/186 of 7 February 2020 concerning the classification of certain goods in the Combined Nomenclature (CN: 3906 90 90)
  • Notice amending the notice of initiation of an anti-subsidy proceeding concerning imports of continuous filament glass fibre products originating in Egypt
  • Explanatory Notes to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union (Explanatory note to Chapter 7 and CN: 2933 49 10)
  • Minutes of the Meeting of the SIGL Expert Group of 27 September 2019
  • Trade/Human Rights: Commission decides to partially withdraw Cambodia's preferential access to the EU market - See the Memo, and the Proposal 
  • Answer given by Mr Wojciechowski to a MEP written question - Increased exports of Japonica rice from Myanmar to the EU
  • DDG Wolff affirms WTO commitment to support Africa’s economic integration
  • EU-Vietnam: 68 Civil Society Organisations urge MEPs not to ratify the new trade and investment agreements
  • The EU-Indonesia FTA sustainable impact assessment report and why it is so hard to find -
  • Britain could seal Asian trade deal by adopting a fresh attitude to palm oil - A proposed ban on the commodity for biofuel would lead to more deforestation - Financial Times


  • Agenda for: Council of the Europena Union (Competitiveness (Internal Market, Industry, Research and Space)) of 27 & 28 February 2020
  • Findings of the survey on barriers on the Single Market for Czech businesses and conclusions from international conference "The EU Single Market from the perspective of SMEs" (Prague, 16 January 2020) - Information from the Czech delegation - Any Other Business
  • February infringements package: key decisions - February 2020


  • Can the UK and EU reach a compromise on financial services? - Both sides risk losing out as each seeks autonomy over ‘equivalence’ arrangements - Financial Times


  • Taxation: Commission refers Portugal to the Court for discriminatory legislation on car registration tax
  • Proposal for a Council Directive on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation (codification) - See the Annex


  • Agenda for: 27th EUTR/FLEGT Expert Group meeting of 19 February 2020
  • Minutes of the 88th Meeting of the CITES Scientific Review Group of 12 December 2019
  • Minutes of the Commission Joint Expert Group - DG Environment and DG Climate Action - LIFE 2014-2020 of 13 November 2019
  • Minutes of the fifth meeting of ABS Consultation Forum of 27 November 2020
  • Infringement - Commission takes Italy to Court for its incomplete regime of access to genetic resources


  • EU supports biotechnology company in the fight against cancer 
  • Discover the final 2019 Joint Statements on healthcare on the EU Health Policy Platform
  • Preparation of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council session on 13 February 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) - Exchange of views
  • SCHEER - Minutes of the Working Group meeting on Anaerobic Biodegradation of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonates (LAS) of 3 February 2020
  • SCHEER - Minutes of the Third Annual Meeting of the Pool of Experts on Rapid Risk Assessment of 26-27 November 2019
  • SCCS - Minutes of the Working Group Meeting on Cosmetic Ingredients of 23 January 2020
  • SCCS - Minutes of the Working Group Meeting on Methodologies of 24 January 2020
  • SCCS - Request for a scientific advice on the safety of nanomaterials in cosmetics
  • SCCS - Request for a scientific Opinion on Titanium dioxide (TiO2) (CAS/EC numbers 13463-67- 7/236-675-5, 1317-70-0/215-280-1, 1317-80-2/215-282-2) used in cosmetic products
  • SCCS - Request for a scientific Opinion on Benzophenone-3; Homosalate; Octocrylene


  • 112 Day: Celebrating the EU's Single Emergency Number - see the 2019 Report
  • The Norwegian Data Protection Authority imposes a fine on the Municipality of Oslo, the Education Agency
  • Agenda for:7th meeting of the Web Accessibility Directive Expert Group of 19 March 2020
  • Answer given by Mr Breton to a MEP written question - Implementation of the Directive on copyright and related rights in the digital single market


  • Judgment of the Court of 12 February 2020 in Case C‑704/18, Nikolay Kolev and Others
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - Article 267 TFEU - Implementation of a preliminary ruling of the Court - Power of a higher court to impose an injunction relating to the detailed rules for implementation - Procedural autonomy of the Member States - Principle of effectiveness - Observance of the rights of the defence
  • Proposal for a decision - International enforcement of court rulings (Judgments Convention) - Roadmap - Feedback period: 10.02.2020 - 09.03.2020


  • Speech by President von der Leyen in the Plenary of the EP debate on the special meeting of the European Council of 20 February 2020 on the Multiannual Financial Framework
  • Speech by Christine Lagarde: Debate about the Annual Report
  • Speech by Isabel Schnabel: Narratives about the ECB’s monetary policy – reality or fiction?
  • Interview of Isabel Schnabel with Die Welt
  • Speech by Philip R. Lane: Low inflation: macroeconomic risks and the monetary policy stance
  • Commerzbank told to speed up restructuring by ECB - German lender urged to consider ‘plan B’ in unusually blunt appraisal - Financial Times


  • Georgia: new Head of EU monitoring mission appointed (Mr Marek Szczygieł)
  • Syria: Speech by HR/VP Josep Borrell in the EP on the current security situation in Syria
  • Venezuela: Speech by HR/VP Josep Borrell at the European Parliament on sanctions’ implementation
  • MEPP: Speech by HR/VP Josep Borrell in the EP on the US Middle East initiative
  • The European Union (EU) – Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Senior Officials’ Meeting - Press Statement
  • The EU-Canada Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC), an annual senior officials meeting set up under the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement met in Ottawa on 10 February 2020
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/184 of 11 February 2020 amending for the 308th time Council Regulation (EC) No 881/2002 imposing certain specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities associated with the ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida organisations - See the Notice