• At a special meeting on 30 June-2 July 2019, the European Council appointed new leaders for the next institutional cycle.(See the European Council conclusions & Remarks by President Donald Tusk)
    - European Council Decision electing the President of the European Council
    - European Council Decision proposing to the European Parliament a candidate for President of the European Commission
  • European Commission adopts rules to ensure a smooth transition to its next President and the next College of Commissioners (IP/19/3610)
  • President Juncker temporarily transfers portfolio responsibilities following departure of two Members of the European Commission (IP/19/3609)


  • Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.9430 - Apollo Management/Vivat) 
  • Commission clears the acquisition of Evonik's methacrylates business by Advent (M.9353)  - Midday Express
  • Commission appoints Pierre Régibeau as the new Chief Economist of DG Competition - Midday Express
  • Belgium - Prior notification of a concentration MEDE-C/C-19/0018: Gimv NV / Alro Holdings NV
  • Belgium - Decision 19-CC-18-AUD Orange Belgium NV / Upsize NV
  • Portugal - Competition Authority has raided the waste management sector 
  • Portugal - AdC warns that using algorithms to coordinate prices on the market is incompatible with the Competition Law


  • Judgment of the Court of 03 July 2019 in Case C-644/17, Eurobolt BV in the presence of: Staatssecretaris van Financiën
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - Article 267 TFEU - Right to an effective remedy - Scope of national judicial review of a European Union measure - Regulation (EC) No 1225/2009 - Article 15 (2) - Communication to the Member States, to the no later than 10 working days before the meeting of the Advisory Committee, of all relevant information - Concept of "useful information" - Substantial form - Implementing Regulation (EU) No 723/2011 - Extension of the duty Antidumping on Imports of Certain Iron or Steel Fasteners Originating in China to Imports Shipped from Malaysia - Validity
  • Agenda for: Working Party on Trade questions of 08 July 2019
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1131 of 2 July 2019 establishing a customs tool in order to implement Article 14a of Regulation (EU) 2016/1036 of the European Parliament and of the Council and Article 24a of Regulation (EU) 2016/1037 of the European Parliament and of the Council
  • EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement - 1st Meeting of the Committee on Rules of Origin and Customs Related Matters - Conclusions


  • Agenda for: Meeting of the Coreper (Part.1) of 04 July 2019
  • Non-Binding Criteria for the application of Articles 290 and 291 of the TFEU — 18 June 2019
  • Annual Report on Research and Technological Development Activities of the European Union and Monitoring of Horizon 2020 in 2018
  • Minutes of the 2019 Annual meeting of the Technical Group on Steel TGS9 (13-15 May 2019)
  • European citizens' initiative: Commission registers 3 new initiatives and determines 1 as inadmissible (IP/19/3456)


  • Draft - Commission delegated Regulation (EU) …/... amending Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/653 to align the transitional arrangement for PRIIP manufacturers offering units of funds referred to in Article 32 of Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council as underlying investment options with the prolonged exemption period under that Article
  • EBA Basel assessment sees impact driven by large banks - see the Presentation
  • ESMA publishes responses to its Consultation on draft RTS under the ELTIF Regulation
  • ESMA broadens scrutiny of multiple withholding tax reclaim schemes


  • Judgment of the Court of 03 July 2019 in Case C-242/18, UniCredit Leasing EAD Vs. Direktor na Direktsia "Obzhalvane i danachno-osiguritelna praktika" - Sofia pri Tsentralno upravlenie na Natsionalnata agentsia za prihodite (NAP)
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - Common system of value added tax (VAT) - Taxable amount - Reduction - Principle of fiscal neutrality - Financial lease terminated for non-payment of installments - Notice of correction - Scope - Operations taxable - Delivery of goods for consideration - Payment of an "indemnity" for cancellation until the end of the contract - Jurisdiction of the Court
  • Judgment of the Court of 03 July 2019 in Case C‑316/18, Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Vs. The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - VAT - Deduction of input tax - Management costs of an endowment fund that makes investments with the aim of financing the whole of the taxable person’s output transactions - Overheads
  • Recommendation for a Council Decision supplementing the negotiating directives for the Doha Development Agenda regarding the negotiations of a multilateral framework on investment facilitation (See the Annex)
  • Proposal for a Council Decision on the position to be taken on behalf of the European Union in the Joint Committee established under the Agreement between the European Union and Japan for an Economic Partnership as regards the adoption of the List of Arbitrators (See the Annex)
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1129 of 2 July 2019 amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No 79/2012 laying down detailed rules for implementing
    certain provisions of Council Regulation (EU) No 904/2010 concerning administrative cooperation and combating fraud in the field of value added tax


  • Regulation on CAP Strategic Plans - Preparation of the Council debate on the environmental and climate-related aspects of the post-2020 CAP


  • Agenda for: Working Party on Energy of 09 July 2019


  • Agenda for: Working Party on Environment of 03-04. July 2019


  • Judgment of the Court of 03 July 2019 in Case C-387/18, Delfarma sp. z o.o. Vs. Prezes Urzędu Rejestracji Produktów Leczniczych, Wyrobów Medycznych i Produktów Biobójczych
    Re: Reference for a preliminary ruling - Articles 34 and 36 TFEU - Free movement of goods - Measure of effect equivalent to a quantitative restriction - Protection of health and life of humans - Parallel importation of medicinal products - Reference medicinal products and generic medicinal products - Condition according to the imported and licensed medicinal products in the importing Member State must both be reference medicinal products or both generic medicinal products'
  • Draft Commission Delegated Regulation supplementing Regulation (EU) 2016/429 of the European Parliament and of Council as regards rules for the entry into the Union, movement and handling after the entry of certain animals, germinal products and products of animal origin from third countries or territories - See the Annexes
  • EFSA - Sustainability, innovation, and perception of risks among research priorities for food safety
  • EFSA - App developer console opens up our food safety data
  • EMA - Meeting highlights from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) 24-27 June 2019
  • EMA - One additional country to benefit from EU-US mutual recognition agreement for inspections


  • Meeting of the Horizontal Working Party on cyber issues of 05 July 2019


  • EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT) 2019


  • Commission concludes that an Excessive Deficit Procedure is no longer warranted for Italy at this stage (IP/19/3569)
  • Business investment stable at 23.6% in the euro area - Business profit share down to 39.8%
  • Household saving rate up to 12.6% in the euro area - Household investment rate nearly stable at 9.3%



  • Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the alignment of certain third countries concerning restrictive measures against cyber-attacks threatening the Union or its member states
  • Relations with Jordan - European Union's position for the Association Council's 13th meeting (Luxembourg, 17 June 2019)
  • EU Trust Fund for Africa: new migration-related actions to protect vulnerable people and foster resilience of host communities in North of Africa (IP/19/3461)