• Commission clears acquisition of PartsPoint Group by Alliance Automotive (M.9340) - Midday Express 30.04.2019
  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - Change in competition policy and creation of 'European champions'
  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - Monitoring of antitrust breaches in the EU
  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - Unfair internal market competition
  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - Merger of the Nidec group with Embraco - sale of the Nidec plant in Fürstenfeld
  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - Orphan medicinal products - follow-up question
  • Visa and Mastercard to cut foreign card fees in EU - Latest concession in payment companies’ long-running antitrust battle with Brussels - Financial Times


  • Answer given by Ms Vestager to a MEP written question - Different treatment of 'old' Member States and 'new' Member States in the granting of state aid


  • Agenda for: 7th meeting of the Tariff Measures Section of 23.05.2019
  • Minutes:Meeting of the Customs Code Committee - Data Integration and Harmonization section of 15 February 2019
  • Minutes: 26th meeting of the Customs Expert Group, Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature Section, HS/WCO Coordination Sector of 04-06 March 2019
  • Minutes: 13th meeting of the Customs Expert Group - Data Integration and Harmonization section of 03 April 2019
  • Trade: European Court of Justice confirms compatibility of Investment Court System with EU Treaties (IP/19/2334 - See CPR Nº 52/2019 - Opinion of the Court 1/17) - Financial Times
  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/673 of 27 February 2019 amending Regulation (EU) 2018/196 on additional customs duties on imports of certain products originating in the United States of America
  • Proposal for a Council Decision on the position to be taken on behalf of the European Union in the Cooperation Committee established by the Agreement on Cooperation and Customs Union between the European Economic Community and the Republic of San Marino with regard to applicable provisions on organic production and labelling of organic products, and arrangements for imports of organic products (See the Annex)
  • WTO - Azevêdo: E-commerce moratorium has long been a feature of the multilateral trading system


  • Decisions adopted by the European Commission by Written Procedure on 30.04.2019
  • Agenda for: Meeting of the Coreper (Part.2) of 02.05.2019
  • Minutes of the High Level expert Group on energy-intensive industries of 27.03.2019
  • European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers 4 new initiatives and concludes that 1 is legally inadmissible (IP/19/2298)
  • Europe – the Global Centre for Excellent Research - Study for the EP ITRE Committee
  • According to Advocate General Szupunar a service such as that provided by the AIRBNB portal constitutes an information society service (See CPR Nº 51/2019 - Opinion in Case C-390/18)  


  • Agenda for: Working Party on Financial Services (NPLs) of 14.05.2019
  • ESMA Decision (EU) 2019/679 of 17 April 2019 renewing the temporary restriction on the marketing, distribution or sale of contracts for differences to retail clients
  • Notice of ESMA’s Product Intervention Renewal Decision in relation to contracts for differences
  • Banking Union: Commission adopts technical evaluation report on EU post-crisis rules for banks in difficulties
  • Brussels vows to pursue probe into Danske Bank - Commission angered by European Banking Authority’s decision to reject own findings - Financial Times




  • Agenda for: Working Party on International Environment Issues (UNECE CLRTAP) of 15.05.2019
  • Draft - Commission Implementing Decision of XXX authorising a provisional measure taken by the French Republic in accordance with Article 129 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the REACH to restrict the use and the placing on the market of certain wood treated with creosote and other creosote-related substances



  • Report from the Commission on the implementation of the open internet access provisions of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120
  • Answer given by Ms Gabriel to a MEP written question - Refusal of technological giants to cooperate in measures to prevent disinformation in the run-up to the European elections
  • Minutes of the 3rd Group of Experts for the Observatory on the Online Platform Economy of 28.03.2019


  • Agenda for: Working Party on Land Transport of 13.05 & 14.05.2019
  • Joint declaration (on behalf of the EU) on regional transport cooperation within the Eastern Partnership - authorisation to open negotiations - decision to use the written procedure for the authorization


  • European Border and Coast Guard: First agreement with a non EU country on border cooperation becomes operational - Midday Express 30.04.2019


  • Results of the March 2019 survey on credit terms and conditions in euro-denominated securities financing and over-the-counter derivatives markets (SESFOD)
  • Did the euro change the nature of FDI flows among member states? - ECB Working Paper Series No.2275
  • GDP up by 0.4% in the euro area and by 0.5% in the EU28 - +1.2% and +1.5% respectively compared with the first quarter of 2018 (Stat/19/2335)


  • Strength in unity: Commission makes recommendations for the EU's next strategic agenda 2019-2024 (IP/19/2309)


  • On April 29, the Council prolonged sanctions related to the situation in Myanmar/Burma (See Regulation (EU) 2019/672 & Decision (CFSP) 2019/678)
  • Reconciling Europe's geography with its history: Commission marks 15th anniversary of 2004 enlargement
  • European Development Days 2019: one and a half month to go (See the Media Guide) - Midday Express 30.04.2019
  • Answer given by Mr. Hahn to a MEP written question - Chinese foreign direct investment
  • Cold water poured on Balkan hopes for immediate EU accession - Merkel and Macron tell 6 aspirant nations to pursue political stability - Financial Times
  • The EU should back the fight against Ukraine’s oligarchs - Volodymyr Zelensky offers the chance to push reforms that stalled under Poroshenko - Financial Times