On December 27, 2018, an Agreement on Technical Cooperation and Mutual Assistance ("Technical Cooperation Agreement") entered into force between the Brazilian Federal Court of Auditors ("TCU") and the Administrative Council for Economic Defense ("CADE"). The document is in force for an indefinite period and aims to share the technologies used by these institutions in the detection of anticompetitive practices in public tenders.

The Technical Cooperation Agreement provides for the sharing of information, knowledge, technological tools, professional and technical experiences, data and documents between CADE and TCU. This document also establishes a partnership between both institutions to carry out activities related to the prevention and detection of anticompetitive practices in public tenders, as well as for the training and qualification of technicians of these institutions, among other initiatives.

The signatories of the Technical Cooperation Agreement have committed to keep the information and the shared data confidential. Also, their transfer or disclosure to third parties without the express consent of the providing party is prohibited. The document is part of CADE's strategy to promote greater coordination among public administrative institutions.