On June 8, 2018, the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services published - Secex Ordinance No. 30/2018, which deals with the regulation of the DECOM Digital System—a digital platform developed with the purpose of granting remote access to the records of the processes handled by the Department of Trade Defense (“DECOM”).

The entry into force of Secex Ordinance No. 30/2018 represents the expansion of the DECOM Digital System to investigations involving subsidies and safeguards. Previously, such system covered only antidumping investigations conducted by DECOM.

The DECOM Digital System aims at facilitating access of interested parties in procedures concerning antidumping, subsidy and safeguard investigations. The records of all administrative procedures handled by DECOM will be available on the Internet, twenty-four hours a day, and interested and qualified parties will be able to use the system to monitor investigations and to submit documents.

Accordingly – and considering that all procedural acts within the DECOM Digital System require a digital signature—interested and qualified parties must obtain the a digital certificate (ICP-Brasil standard) issued by an accredited certification authority, as well as the respective portable cryptographic device.

The DECOM Digital System increases speed and transparency of investigations involving trade defense matters, as well as reduces costs related to paper usage. According to DECOM, further improvements in the system are expected in the second half of 2018.