The newly regulated group insolvency law in the German Insolvency Code and the European Union Council Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings aim to keep a group of companies together in order to either restructure the group as a whole or to utilize or liquidate the group’s asset value in the best interest of all parties involved.

Legal situation in Germany, the EU and worldwide
The book provides for the first time a systematic overview of the legal, economical and structural approaches in respect of the administration of national and international insolvencies of a group of companies under the current and the new law and how the new law modifies the current practice.

Typical constellations in practice
Highly experienced insolvency practitioners who were involved in the development and testing of national and international instruments for the handling of group insolvencies discuss:

  • Current and new legal standards and instruments, in particular regarding the new coordination of the procedures: jurisdiction, information and coordination obligations as well as coordination procedures,
  • German group insolvency law (InsO) in practice – by means of typical group constellations and industries (SMEs, trade, real estate, banking groups, in each case with various practical cases),
  • European (EuInsVO) and international group insolvency law – with focus on the EU (including in particular UK before/after Brexit), USA and Asia.

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