The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office – BPTO, through its Green Patent Program (launched in 2016 – Resolution No. 175/2016), has increasingly sought to expedite the processing of patent applications exams related to green technologies that focus on reducing environmental impact, namely: alternative energy, hybrid and electric vehicles, energy conservation, waste management and sustainable agriculture.

In a recent case, a patent application involving environmental technology was filed in several jurisdictions, including Brazil. Through the BPTO’s Green Patent Program, the application was examined on a priority basis and the letters patent was issued at roughly the same time as the USPTO issuance.

According to statistics provided by the BPTO, the main applications filed since the Program’s creation up until 2017 refer to waste management (51,3%), alternative energies (28%), and agriculture (10,2%).

The Green Patent Program is one of the BPTO’s measures aiming to reduce the time it takes to make new technologies available, and therefore bringing more benefits to the inventor and more legal security regarding technology license agreements.