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Bill No. 8,127/17 (“New Bill”), proposed by Federal Deputy Bruna Furlan (PSDB-SP), establishes an amendment to the Law that created the National Civil Identification (ICN) system, in order to adapt its database to the international security standards.

The ICN, instituted by Law No. 13,444/17, has the purpose of identifying Brazilian citizens in their relations with public and private entities. To do so, it uses the Electoral Justice database and the National Civil Registry Information System (Sirc) database. The new Bill, consequently, intends to ensure that such data is stored in a controlled and secure environment, in accordance with technical measures compatible with international standards of information security.

Accordingly, the drafting of the new Bill, besides imposing the issuance of a regulatory decree that establishes minimum safety parameters for the management of the personal data of the citizen, also establishes sanctions and fines for those who (i) access, use or disclose improperly the information stored in the ICN database, (ii) compromise the integrity, authenticity or confidentiality of its content, or (iii) improperly share or transmit the information.

The Bill will still be analyzed by three committees of the Chamber of Deputies, namely the Committee of Science and Technology, Communication and Information Technology; the Committee of Labor, Administration and Public Service; and the Committee of Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. Afterwards, the Bill will be forwarded for vote by the Plenary.