The Paraná State government has issued a new railway concession project, the “Nova Ferroeste” Project. The new 1,000-km railway will connect the Municipality of Dourados (in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul) to the Port of Paranaguá on the coast of the State of Paraná. The project creates a new route to transport agricultural products from the Midwest Region to one of Brazil’s main ports.

The project has an estimated investment of R$ 10 billion and two sections: 

  1. Section 1: A state railway concession connecting the Port of Paranaguá and the Municipality of Guarapuava (State of Paraná) 
  2. Section 2: A federal railway subconcession connecting the Municipality of Guarapuava and the Municipality of Dourados (State of Mato Grosso do Sul)

The Paraná State government has issued an Expression of Interest Procedure – PMI (Procedimento de Manifestação de Interesse) in order to receive contributions and studies by interested companies for modeling and planning the railway concession. The studies should include the following deliverables: (i) Section 1 – technical, operational and environmental information and (ii) Section 2 – economic and financial information.