In the 2017 Q4 edition, we look at:

Trade Marks – China

  • Case Update- TAG HEUER vs TAG HEUER

Trade Marks – Hong Kong

  • Jurisdiction Jeopardy: What Happens When Summonses are Filed in the Wrong Court?

Trade Marks and Patents – Hong Kong

  • Madrid Protocol and “Original Grant Patent” – An Update

Intellectual Property – China

  • 2017 Provisions on Jurisdiction over Intellectual Property Cases in Beijing

Patents – China

  • New Rule on Patent International Exhaustion Opening the Door for “Used Goods” Entering the US Market

Anti-unfair Competition Law – China

  • China Revises Its Anti-Unfair Competition Law – New Implications for Commercial Trading

Data Privacy – Asia

  • Ready from the Starting Line – Why and How Companies in Asia Should Prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Cybersecurity – China

  • An Update on China’s Cybersecurity Law
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