The Ministry of Transparency, Supervision and Comptroller-General of Brazil (‘CGU’), in association with the Pharmaceutical Research Industry Association (‘Interfarma’), drafted a Q&A document in order to enable better compliance with the CGU-CEP’s Normative Guidelines No. 01/2016 (‘Guidelines’). The Guidelines establish rules on government officials’ participation in events and activities financed by third parties, in order to prevent conflicts of interest.

Although the Guidelines are intended to regulate the conduct of government officials of the Federal Executive Branch, along with the Q&A it should also guide corporate behavior, especially  specific policies of interaction with the Public Administration.

The Q&A offers important criteria to identify the presence, or not, of conflicts of interest in invitations to government officials, also clarifying important aspects related to the applicability of the Guidelines in other branches of the Public Administration, as well as government officials who simultaneously perform private activities, besides presenting recommendations applicable to legal entities that make invitations of this nature.