The Brazilian Government issued the Federal Decree No. 9,059/2017 which presented the list of the upcoming infrastructure projects under the Investment Partnership Programme – PPI.

Despite Brazil’s political turmoil, the Government is making an effort to develop new concessions and investments in infrastructure. In this regard, and pursuant to the referred Decree, new concessions of highways and port terminals are expected.

Regarding the railway sector, five railway lines were qualified to initiate Understandings with the Public Administration in order to have their contracts extended in advance (prorrogação antecipada), according to provisions of the Provisional Measure No. 752/2016.

Thus, new Expression of Interest Procedures (Procedimentos de Manifestação de Interesse – PMI) are also expected in order to select companies to develop studies for structuring and legal modeling of highway concessions. These procedures are focused on highways whose concession contracts’ terms will expire shortly.

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