In the 2017 Q1 edition, we look at:

Trade Marks – China

  • Michael Jordan: "Qiao Dan" is me!
  • Statutory Damages for Trade Mark Infringement and/or Under the Anti-Unfair Competition Law (AUCL): A New Normal?

Patents – Hong Kong

  • Interlocutory Injunctions - Inordinate Delay can be Damaging

Patents – China

  • GPNE vs. Apple: A Tale of 129 Million Dollars

Data Privacy – Hong Kong

  • Do Not Disturb! Convictions for Breach of the Direct Marketing Restrictions and Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance
  • IoT (I Own Thee): Hong Kong Releases Results of Study on Wearable Technology Devices

Technology – China

  • China Launches Internet App Store Registration Program
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